Personalized Haircare: Formulate


Did someone say personalized?! My ears immediately perked up when I found Formulate + the brand contacted me for a product review. Anything that is made specifically for my particular beauty needs automatically makes my top list. The winner for me, however, was the promise of paraben freesulfate free, and cruelty free products. This was so important to me, since I have been using Biolage for over a year + the thought of paraben shampoo scared me. I couldn’t wait to receive my personalized shampoo and conditioner to share with you all!


The Formulate Experience

Before I share any further, I’d like to make it clear that this process is the easiest I have seen yet. The consultation is fully completed through the website or app, making it quick and simple to get the process started. I’ve taken the following statement straight from the website concerning Formulate’s purpose: “We are ushering in the “chemist-to-consumer” movement. Together we can put an end to the guess & test process, oversold trend-driven gimmicks, and product waste“.


Wouldn’t it be so cool to have a pocket chemist, ready and waiting to make your very own beauty dreams come true?! You got it with Formulate.


Okay, so being very transparent, before I started the process I was very concerned at how an online platform would be able to learn about my hair needs without ever seeing or touching my hair. However, as soon as I started the hair survey I was shocked at how in depth the questions were. The haircare questionnaire asks things like hair color, length, natural form (wavy, straight, etc.), thickness, scalp sensitivity and more. Literally more questions than I could ever think to answer in a real-life consultation!


After the basics, the questionnaire continued on to ask frequencies of shampoo and conditioner use, as well as heat tool use. It even takes into account the temperature, humidity, and UV index according to your zip code. Let’s stop right there–have you ever heard of something so incredibly amazing?! I was so shocked and in love instantly.

The Product

Along with the personalized formula, Formulate allows you to personalize the scent of the product. Of the 8 options, I chose Tidal for a touch of the beach every time I washed. Secondly, you are able to choose the strength of the scent, ranging from light to strong. That pretty much sums up the process of ordering the product, then I had to wait…literally counting the seconds. I was so excited!

When the UPS guy dropped my package off, I was at work. I flew home that afternoon + opened the package immediately. The packaging, y’all. I have never seen such precious packaging in all of my beauty review days. The geometric pump bottles stand out in my shower–I feel like they are decorations, they’re that cute hahaha.


The shampoo lathers well + isn’t hard to wash out–the same for the conditioner. The texture of both is lighter than any product I’ve tried before, so I felt as though I needed to use a bit more than my usual during my first few washes. My habit has now subsided, and a little really will go a long way.


The only downside to the product was the scent, for me. I was expecting a coconut vibe, with hints of salt water smells, but Tidal was a bit underwhelming. At the same time, there was a not beachy smell that took over + lasted throughout the day. The scent was, by no means, BAD, it just wasn’t for me. I was able to cover the scent with hairspray when leaving the house. Additionally, if you’d like to change the scent, your pocket chemist can do that for you on your next order.


My hair has always been fine and brittle–fun fact: I actually had no hair at all until I was 4 years old. My mom would tape bows on my bald head so people didn’t think I was a boy hahaha. Since it started to grow, it has always taken ages to grow out–we’re talking, like 1 haircut a year. Yeah, I know right?!

Since using my own Formulate formula, I have noticed a huge change in the way my hair feels and looks. Obviously, I’ve only been using the product for a few weeks, so I haven’t noticed massive growth, but I am scheduling a trim soon, as I feel like it has already helped the growing process!

I have been so shocked at how light the shampoo + conditioner have left my hair–it feels so incredibly clean, yet so easy to style. I’m obsessed!


Overall Score

Formulate blew me out of the water. I have been in love from my consultation to now, after about 10 washes. I’ll keep using + follow up with a 6 week post soon! To rate the product overall, I give Formulate an 8/10. Again, the only dock of points is due to the scent. Otherwise, the product is incredibly high on my reorder list!


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