DIY Custom Wood Mantle + Mounting a TV to Brick

Hi, friends! Long time, no see! Hopping back on to share my latest diy…I say “my” latest, but this one was all T Giles! Thankful for my guy who has been so interested in being a handy-man lately.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how the mantle looked before we touched it:

mantle before.jpg

Check out how we transformed our dated mantle (or mantel? not really sure the correct usage lol) to this stained wood, farmhouse look!

*For our German Schmear DIY, click this link —-> click me :)*

Wood Mantle

   *NOTE: we used the existing top piece of wood, so I only needed wood for a front piece + two sides. We have left the bottom open for now, but if you’d like a top and bottom piece, just buy two extra boards in the length of your front board minus 2in to account for the extra space the side pieces leave!*

Supplies: Shop all supplies in one place by clicking this link —-> click me 🙂

-Wood: I used a 1in x 10in x 8ft board from Lowes (linking home depot here, as option)

-My cuts were: IMG_7766

-1 1/2in Finishing nails

-Stain: I used Minwax stain in the finish “Provincial

Wood Putty in “Natural”

Tack Cloth, Gloves

Hammer, Chains, Crowbar, Chisel, etc for distressing

How To:

To begin, we removed the decorative molding around the old mantle. This left what looked like the photo below.


As mentioned above, we left the top piece of wood and built around it to create the mantle. After removing the trim, we headed to Lowes for wood. We determined the measurements for our cuts by measuring from one side of the existing top piece of wood to the other for the front piece, then measured the side of the top piece.

We knew the length for all would be 10in, so we didn’t need to make adjustments or cuts to the piece of wood we found. We were actually able to only use one piece of 8ft long wood. I wrote the measurements down on an index card + headed to Lowes.

Side note: Lowes will cut wood to your dimensions for you, for FREE!

After the wood was cut, we grabbed the stain, wood putty, and nails + headed home after a quick chick-fil-a stop lol #quarantinecuisine

Once home, we got right to work. We attached the side pieces first, so that the front piece (which is 2in longer than the existing top piece to account for the extra inch of length each new side piece would create) would cover the side pieces. We attached the sides  with five finishing nails each, and moved on to attaching the front.

I would recommend choosing the most distressed side of the wood to show on the front. For ours, one side had two dark spots on the wood, so we chose that to show! Same story for attaching the piece, just using about 10 nails instead of only 5.

After nailing the three pieces in, I covered each nail, and the seams where the pieces met, with a good amount of wood putty. This goes on pink but dries in natural wood color + will be sanded down later, so feel free to cover well. Here’s what the wood looked like with the putty, before the stain.

While the putty was drying, I began to distress the wood. I only used my hammer, as I couldn’t find chains around the house. The only posts I’ve read say chains work great, though! I tapped the edges every inch with the hammer…I tried to show how in the picture below. I added multiple “nicks” across the wood with the hammer, as well.

After letting the putty dry a bit more, I sanded each spot down + cleaned the wood off with my tack cloth after. I put on a pair of gloves + used an old t-shirt to apply one layer of stain. I made sure to lightly cover the wood, as I didn’t want the stain to be very dark.


I left the mantle to dry for four hours before decorating. All together, this project was a 1/10 on the difficulty scale. SO EASY + made such a difference in our space! Here’s a few spots of the final product:

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Now on to discussing that beautiful brick mount!

Mounting a TV to Brick

Okayyy, so we were incredibly nervous about mounting our TV to brick. It was actually the one project I said I had to have done the first weekend we moved in, but the anxiety was too high to attempt. Looking back now, we both wish we would have had the courage to just go for it–mounting a TV to brick is sooooooo much easy than you think!

Supplies: Shop all supplies in one place by clicking this link —-> click me 🙂

Tilting TV Mount

Hammer Drill Bit: size 3/16

-1/4in x 1 1/4in Tapcon Concrete Anchor Screws

-Optional: Liquid Nails

How To:

To begin, we checked the back of our TV to see what size screws included in the mount that we would need. Ours were M6. We then purchased the mount from Walmart, one that was only $24 and included multiple screw sizes.

I also grabbed the drill bit and Tapcon Concrete Anchor screws while at Lowes for the mantle supplies. As a note: a hammer drill is recommended. We used our standard drill with the hammer head drill bit and it worked just fine! However, T says it would be a bit easier to drill into the brick with the use of a hammer drill. In all, we’d recommend buying the drill bit + attempting with your standard drill–if this doesn’t work, you can purchase a hammer drill for less than $25 at this link —-> click me 🙂

We then attached the arms of the mount to our TV. Don’t have picture of this, as we just followed the instructions that came with the mount. After this, we took a million deep breaths (lol) + began the process of drilling the mount aspect to the brick. We held the mount up to where we wanted to attach it + marked the holes with a colored pencil. Don’t have a picture of this, as it took all four of our hands.

T inserted the drill bit into his standard drill + got to drilling. He says it took a lot of force, which again, would be lessened with the use of a hammer drill. Overall, it was NOT bad and he finished drilling all 8 holes under ten minutes.


We then attached the mount to the brick with the Tapcon Concrete Anchor screws. For extra support, you may add a thin layer of liquid nails. We didn’t because we felt that it was stable enough, but a few posts will suggest it. We then hung the TV according to the instructions with the mount. I tried my best to tuck the cords into the back of the mantle + we have an Amazon FireStick, so no extra cords.

*As a note, we do have an existing outlet in the mantle top. The average to have a simple outlet placed is about $100 with an electrician.*

Like I said, SO EASY. Here’s a picture of the finished product:

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Thanks for tuning in! It was so fun to type to you guys again! Hope to see ya real soon.


2019 Holiday Gift Guides

Hi, pals!! I have missed “seeing” y’all over the last few months!! School is a full time job + on top of applying to grad school (new development before medical school), my ER scribing job, and spending time with my pups + T–wooo!

Buttt, I had my upper wisdom teeth emergently extracted yesterday (was not planned lol), so I have plenty of couch time planned which means time for gift guides!! Christmas is quickly approaching + I’m so excited to be back for a while, sharing all my finds. I love putting these posts together every year + it gives TG a place to find all my wishes 😉

This year, I’ll be doing the gift guides a little different–instead of posting individual posts, I’ll just be listing them all here, on this page. As the season progresses, I’ll continue to update my finds! + no worries, there will 100% be a separate post dedicated to Black Friday sales!

So, look no further–check out my first two gift guides below, plus a sneak peak of what the next guide will cover 😉


Dear Santa: This One’s for the Traveler

Landscape Photo with Border Your Story.jpg

1// Charging Luggage Tag 2// Ice Roller 3// Moisturizing Towelettes 4// Carry-On Luggage 5// Packing Cubes 6// Travel Wallet 7// Travel Backpack 8// Hair Scarf

1// Ever been in an airport + had to squeeze into one of those tiny charging ports?! This gift solves that problem by giving you both a travel tag + a charger!

2// Ice rollers are from heavennnnn, I’m convinced! Currently using one to help with my wisdom teeth swelling, but I love carrying mine along with me when I travel–they are so calming if you’re taking a late flight!

3// Three words–dry airplane air. Say no more, these make such a perfect gift for the coworker you know is traveling home for the Holidays!

4// HOLY HEART EYES–this piece of carry-on luggage would literally be a dream gift. Love love love so much!

5// Every traveler should have a set of packing cubes! These are under $20 + are so very cute!

6// Okay, ever been attempting to board your flight + can’t find the right boarding pass?! Ask for this travel wallet + be organized before you even leave home.

7// OKAY MY NUMBER ONE WISH–hellooooo TG :)–this precious backpack would be so perfect to throw all of your personal items in for flights. Also, it doubles as a perfect sized bag to carry around for sightseeing! Please, Santa?

8// Hair scarves are perfect when traveling–throw your hair half up to get it out of your eyes + add the hair scarf you’ve styled on your Travel Backpack for an extra kick 🙂


Dear Santa: Check My Amazon Cart

              Gifts from Amazon under $25

Landscape Photo with Border Your Story copy.jpg

1// Packing Cubes 2// Dupe Belts 3// Ice Roller 4// Makeup Brushes 5// David Yurman Dupe Bracelet 6// Louis Vuitton Dupe Watch Band 7// LV Dupe Makeup Bag 8// Cozy Slippers 

1// Again, with the packing cubes! $15 for seven pieces!

2// These belts are staples, can be styled with literally everything, and with a white + black belt for only $16!! This is a steal + would be perfect for any gal pal in your life!

3// Ice rollers are from heavennnnn, I’m convinced! Currently using one to help with my wisdom teeth swelling, but I love carrying mine along with me when I travel–they are so calming if you’re taking a late flight!

4// I’ve used this brand of makeup brushes since 2016 + am still in love! I’m especially keen to this pink + gold set! *heart eyes*

5// This DY dupe is such high quality! Would be perfect gift for girl’s secret santa!!

6// Heeeelllo, beauty! I absolutely love this Louis Vuitton dupe apple watch band! The quality is great for the price + no one will ever know its a dupe! Perfect for girl’s secret santa!!

7// Again with a dupe! Love this large sized makeup bag. Such a great price.

8// These slippers have over 10,000 reviews on Amazon! Adding to my own cart right now 🙂


Dear Santa: This One’s For My Momma

Copy of Landscape Photo with Border Your Story.jpg

1// Tiny Dutch Oven 2// Barefoot Dreams Blanket 3// MacKenzie Childs Strainer 4// Cozy Vest 5// Agate Gold Edged Coasters 6// Lipstick 7// Woven Basket 8// Kendra Scott Earrings 9// Roses Candle

1// How cute is this tiny dutch oven?! Every cooking momma needs one! Easy to travel with for holiday dishes.

2// Helllllo cozy!! Anything Barefoot Dreams is always heavenly, so this blanket is sure to be a showstopper! Literally feels soft as butter hahaha

3// In  l o v e  with this MacKenzie Child’s strainer! Handcrafted + perfect for counter displays! Great price point for a high quality gift, as well.

4// Vests are always a win + this one is insulated! So cute in white.

5// Agate coasters are a perfect way to add a little flare to a living space! Super cute for a reasonable price tag.

6// There are so many 5 star reviews on this lipstick! ANYthing Urban Decay has my vote!

7// Baskets errrrywhere! Love this huge one from World Market

8// The most timeless gift

9// This candle is a liiiittle pricer than most, but this fragrance is to. die. for. Absolutely love!


Dear Santa: This One’s For The Girls–Under $15

Copy of Copy of Landscape Photo with Border Your Story (1).jpg

      1// 8 Pairs of Earrings 2// Leopard Socks 3// Cozy Scarf 4// Leather Bag 5// Trinket Tray        6// Hanging Plant 7// LV Dupe Bracelet 8// Hanging Travel Personal Bag

1// EIGHT pairs of acrylic earrings for $15?! Any gal in your life would love! HEART EYES!

2// The cutest socks + four pairs for $12!!

3// High quality scarf for a low price point! $11!

4// This leather bag is my favorite find of 2019! Absolutely love the quality + number of reviews. $15!

5// This little trinket tray would be perfect for a small gift to a coworker! $5!

6// A hanging plant makes such a great gift for secret santa! + at only $8, its a no-brainer!

7// OkAy, heellllo love! This bracelet gives me allll the Louis Vuitton vibes + it is only $12!

8// Ever been in a tiny Airbnb bathroom in NYC?! Let me tell you, getting all of your hygiene products in such a small space is near impossible. This hanging bag would be perfect for any traveling friend! $9!


Dear Santa: My Stocking Stuffer ListCopy of Copy of Landscape Photo with Border Your Story (1).jpg

  1// Makeup Brushes 2// Elf Concealer 3// Bubble Bath 4// TeleTies 5// Beauty Blender Holder 6// Makeup Eraser 7// Acrylic Earring Holder 8// Glossier Lip Gloss


Dear Santa: Guide for the Amazon Prime Lover Pt 2

Copy of Copy of Landscape Photo with Border Your Story (1) copy.jpg

  1// Rtic Cup 2// Ugg Slipper Dupes 3// Echo Dot 4// Gucci Earring Dupe 5// Hair Clips        6// Water Flosser 7// Single Serve Blender 8// Hermes Bracelet Dupe


More IKEA, you ask? Yeahhh!! We have found so many super fun pieces at IKEA, which (for the most part) we use for things other than their original purpose. How fun, right?! I’m sharing five of my top favorites below! Shop for yourself by click the number beside each description 🙂



#1 IKEA photo frames are my all time favorite! I have different frames from IKEA alllll over my house! Whether you’re needing frames for the living area, bathroom, kid’s room, or kitchen, IKEA has it for you + as a bonus, in a ton of different color options–see below for six different ways I’ve styled them throughout our house.








#2 The most precious clothes rack! I’ve been looking for a cheap version to use in my she-room for over a year, but couldn’t find one priced under $50 😦 I was strolling in IKEA the other afternoon, however, + found this one for $12!!!! They even have an option without wheels for only $9!

This is a steal, y’all + so cute for displaying your current fav style pieces.



#3 Plant pot turned utensil holder! I loved this little pot, but couldn’t find a use for it. Lord knows I can barely keep myself alive, so there’s no hope for plants in this house hahaha I finally found a place in the kitchen, however, + since the pot was only $3.49, I could easily replace in the event of a spill or grease buildup.



#4 ahhhh! This light fixture was under $40, y’all! We are constantly updating our space + our master bath was in need of a major glow up. I snagged some wallpaper from Target (more on that process later), found this industrial fixture at IKEA + got to work. THINK TWICE if you think you can’t change a fixture yourself–it is so incredibly easy. Again, more on that later 🙂



#5 My all-time fav IKEA hack! I shared a full blog post on this wall easel here. Head on over for the easiest DIY this year!


Have a favorite IKEA hack of your own?? Share below + I’ll test it out, myself 🙂

Pin it now by clicking on the photo below!Five fav ikea hacks (1).jpg



Hi, pals 🙂 It’s been so long since I’ve attempted any diy project, so this simple + easy one was a no-brainer. I have wanted to find something to fill the space on a wall in our dining room, but knew I didn’t want regular wall art. A few months ago, I saw the perfect mounted kraft paper roll on Pinterest, but of course it was listed for well over $200. Me being me, I immediately set out to find a way to make one myself + found a way for less than $40. *heart eyes*


IKEA is an amazing place, y’all. There are hundreds of IKEA Hack blog posts out there + I’m excited to be adding this one. So, let’s get started!

IKEA Shopping List:

1 RACKA Curtain rod in 28-47 inches – $1.99

1 Set Raffig Finials – $2

2 BETYDLIG brackets – $1.50 each

Roll of Kraft paper – I chose white paper, because that’s all IKEA had, but you can find brown kraft paper here, as well–I’ll be grabbing it when I run out of white! – $4.99

-1 Black FINTORP Rail –$9.99

-2 FINTORP Utensil Holders    – $6.99 Each

-1 Pack FINTORP hooks – $2.99

Total Cost: $39


Step One: Hang the brackets. I did this by using a piece of cardboard and a leveler ( if you don’t have an actual leveler, there’s one on your iPhone 😉 ). I placed my brackets 28in apart, as that is the smallest the rod will go.

Step Two: Place rod into brackets, slide paper roll onto rod, then position the moveable aspect of the brackets as far back to the wall as possible + tighten the top screws . After placed, screw in the Finials to the two ends.

Step Three: Add bracket cover pieces.

This is the end of hanging the roll–SO easy, y’all!

Step Four: Hang the FINTOP rail. I made sure my paper roll was center at the top, then centered my FINTORP rail with the end of the paper sheet. The instructions that come along with the rail are extremely easy, so follow those for fastest assembly.

Step Five: Add hooks + buckets.

This is the end of hanging the bottom railing 🙂

Now time to add your own flare in sharpie. I used my favorite font, Boulevard (found for FREE here) + opened a Word Doc to type what I wanted to display, then printed. I then removed the paper roll from the easel + laid it on my kitchen floor with a piece of cardboard underneath. Then, placed the printed sheets under the paper roll to trace with a pen, followed by a sharpie.

If you have children, you could leave the paper unmarked + place colored markers in the buckets for a fun afternoon drawing pad.

Additionally, for quote inspiration, see my Pinterest board, here 🙂












Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

Hi, friends! Spoiler alert: if you haven’t already noticed, I’m taking a step back from blogging. When you hear those of us say “blogging is a full-time job”, we really aren’t kidding. It takes a large amount of time and funds to keep up with a blog…especially a young one. + with medical school quickly approaching, I’m having to focus my efforts elsewhere. However, with Fall rolling in, I will be sharing everything I find + my favorite looks, since the season is my absolute favorite when it comes to style.

That being said, I just could not pass up the opportunity to share a few pieces I’ve snagged, or are on my wishlist, from the Nordy Ani Sale! I’m listing 16 picks below that I cannot wait to sport this Fall. To shop all pieces at one, simply tap or click on the numbered photo below–for individual pieces, click the named link below the photo!

Have a favorite, yourself?? Leave it in the comments under this post 🙂1

1// Everyday V-Neck Sweater 2// Asymmetrical Tee 3// Calf-hair Bootie 4// Kendra Scott Lilith Cuff 5// Utility Jacket 6// Chuck Taylor Leather Sneaker 7// Black Denim 8// Striped Pocket Tee 9// Sleeveless Top 10// Cole Hann Sneaker 11// Cozy Cardigan 12// Over The Knee Boot 13// Pullover Hoodie 14// Waterproof Suede Bootie 15// Leopard Mule 16// Spanx Faux Leather Legging

Happy Shopping 🙂




Okay, so concealer is SO important. It’s in my top five MUST HAVE makeup products + could not live without it. I must admit, I’m a coffee addicted college chick, who has major baggage… + by baggage, I mean that my undereyes are the color of the dark night. HELP.

To all my college gals who haven’t tried a concealer, give it a go + get back to me! hahaha So, all that to say, I was so excited when elfCosmetics sent over this package with two concealers! Let me tell ya, I love trying new products, since I’ve used Mac for 10 years. It’s always nice to have a quality dupe of a high end product readily available, in case of emergencies.

So, that’s where I started before I tried elf’s 16HR Camo Concealer. Low expectations, happy about the price. This has since changed, however, and I am obsessed. I am currently wearing the concealer + can’t even tell I have it on. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been victimized by cakey concealer! Me me me!! 

To begin my review, the packaging is excellent. I love branding that allows me to see the product without ripping the package open in the middle of Target LOL. Minimal packaging also equals great things for the environment.


I was also struck by the ease of application, as it includes a wand! Another plus. As a bonus, I’ve recently found that using cosmetic wedges are SO much better than beauty blenders. Not to mention, you can get like 100 in one package at the dollar store. So, I applied the concealer to my face with the wand + used my trusty wedge to blend it out.


Application Technique. Awkward face loool


The only negative I’ll give here is the creaminess. I felt like it was almost too thin. In response to this, I just used a little less product…which, I guess is a plus, as it will last longer. It blended in quickly + I gave it a quick second to soak in. After that, I applied my full face of makeup, which I’m sharing unfiltered below!




Overall, I am shocked at how high quality this $5 concealer is, y’all. Shocked + obsessed. I would highly recommend trying it, if only once. Shop the concealer now, for $5, by tapping the picture below :))



Summer Amazon Picks

Hiiii, babes!! Happy Friday–I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted a blog post, but I’m jumping back in with one of my most requested! Amazon is my all-time favorite retailer, for so many obvious reasons. The options are literally endless + I could surf the site for hours on end. Anyone else embarrassed by the amount of items sitting in their Amazon cart?! hahaha Raising my hand!


It’s been so fun finding summer products on Amazon + I’m sharing alllll of my finds below! Shop all pieces, here + here!


Favorite Spring Beauty Picks





We are already three weeks into Spring, y’all! I swear, my life is flashing before my eyes. Who’s with me?

Each season, I try my best to choose beauty products that go along with the season. I’ve shared a fav beauty product review before, but have recently changed a few of my favorites. I can’t wait to share, so let’s get started!!

To shop, just click the title above each product below, or visit my! 🙂

// Coty Airspun Loose Powder


If you’re an OG follower, you know that I have always used Mac products + pretty much Mac products only. I learned to do my makeup with Mac + I’m a pretty complacent person once I find a fav; however, it’s a bit expensive. For forever, I’ve used their Studio Fix Perfecting Powder, which is truly amazing. If you’d like to shop it, here’s a link! Again, absolutely amazing product, but pricey at $29.

A few weeks ago, I was browsing in Walmart (one of my FAV things to do lol) + I came across this Coty Airspun Powder. I’d read many reviews on it before + even a few of my friends had raved about it. When I saw the price was less than $6, I threw it in my buggy + kept walking. Just thought, I’ll give it a shot since it’s literally 5 times cheaper than my normal. LET ME TELL YOU–I have never been more amazed. Best $6 I’ve ever spent on a beauty product + there’s no exaggeration there. I 100% feel that the quality is better than Mac. This is a must have, y’all.

// Better Than Sex Mascara + Primer


Other than the name of this mascara, I am in love. I’ve used it for over a year + couldn’t see myself using anything else. The brush provides an hourglass shape that I haven’t found in any other product.

Before I apply my BTS mascara, I throw on a coat of L’Oreal’s Voluminous Primer. Again, a must have for long, voluminous lashes. I only wear fake lashes on special occasion, so making sure my lashes stand out is highly important to me— + it’s priced at under $6 right now!

// Spring Lips: Urban Decay + Mac


Lips are SO important to a look. I feel like I have no makeup on without a lip in pictures. Again, I’m pretty content once I’ve found a color, I’m set. I love nudey-pinks + pretty much stick to that color scheme. These are two of my absolute favorites. However, I recently lost my all-time FAV lip, so I can’t share a pic 😦 Check out Stilla’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in “Patina” here for a 10/10 pick, though!

// Mac Mineralize Blush , UD All Nighter, + Mac Strobe Cream


As you can see, I haven’t completely counted Mac out. I am a BIG blush gal + can’t settle for any less in this category. I’m sure there are plenty better for a lower price, but I’m too scared to try hahahaha. I wore this shade, “Petal Power”, on my wedding day for a super rosey look, but wear “Warm Soul” on the daily. HIGHLY recommend.

I also used both Mac’s Strobe Cream + UD’s All Nighter on my wedding day, so I’ll forever have a special connection, if ya know what I mean. This strobe cream literally got me through the winter with dry skin + is giving me the perfect dewy look for Spring! All Nighter is perfect for those long Spring concert nights, or even if you just want your makeup to stay put for a full work day!

// Mac Extra Dimension Eye Shadow


I am such a neutral loving gal, it’s crazy! I love a simple look + feel like less is more (except for blush lol). I have used the lightest shade in my contour palette or Two Faced Chocolate Bar for years, but recently found this high quality paint pot from Mac! Loooove the shimmer it gives, while still remaining so neutral. I’ll be buying this over + over again!


If you have any products you want me to test out, let me know! And if you like these kinds of posts, let me know in the comments whether or not I should do more! xoxo




Personalized Haircare: Formulate


Did someone say personalized?! My ears immediately perked up when I found Formulate + the brand contacted me for a product review. Anything that is made specifically for my particular beauty needs automatically makes my top list. The winner for me, however, was the promise of paraben freesulfate free, and cruelty free products. This was so important to me, since I have been using Biolage for over a year + the thought of paraben shampoo scared me. I couldn’t wait to receive my personalized shampoo and conditioner to share with you all!


The Formulate Experience

Before I share any further, I’d like to make it clear that this process is the easiest I have seen yet. The consultation is fully completed through the website or app, making it quick and simple to get the process started. I’ve taken the following statement straight from the website concerning Formulate’s purpose: “We are ushering in the “chemist-to-consumer” movement. Together we can put an end to the guess & test process, oversold trend-driven gimmicks, and product waste“.


Wouldn’t it be so cool to have a pocket chemist, ready and waiting to make your very own beauty dreams come true?! You got it with Formulate.


Okay, so being very transparent, before I started the process I was very concerned at how an online platform would be able to learn about my hair needs without ever seeing or touching my hair. However, as soon as I started the hair survey I was shocked at how in depth the questions were. The haircare questionnaire asks things like hair color, length, natural form (wavy, straight, etc.), thickness, scalp sensitivity and more. Literally more questions than I could ever think to answer in a real-life consultation!


After the basics, the questionnaire continued on to ask frequencies of shampoo and conditioner use, as well as heat tool use. It even takes into account the temperature, humidity, and UV index according to your zip code. Let’s stop right there–have you ever heard of something so incredibly amazing?! I was so shocked and in love instantly.

The Product

Along with the personalized formula, Formulate allows you to personalize the scent of the product. Of the 8 options, I chose Tidal for a touch of the beach every time I washed. Secondly, you are able to choose the strength of the scent, ranging from light to strong. That pretty much sums up the process of ordering the product, then I had to wait…literally counting the seconds. I was so excited!

When the UPS guy dropped my package off, I was at work. I flew home that afternoon + opened the package immediately. The packaging, y’all. I have never seen such precious packaging in all of my beauty review days. The geometric pump bottles stand out in my shower–I feel like they are decorations, they’re that cute hahaha.


The shampoo lathers well + isn’t hard to wash out–the same for the conditioner. The texture of both is lighter than any product I’ve tried before, so I felt as though I needed to use a bit more than my usual during my first few washes. My habit has now subsided, and a little really will go a long way.


The only downside to the product was the scent, for me. I was expecting a coconut vibe, with hints of salt water smells, but Tidal was a bit underwhelming. At the same time, there was a not beachy smell that took over + lasted throughout the day. The scent was, by no means, BAD, it just wasn’t for me. I was able to cover the scent with hairspray when leaving the house. Additionally, if you’d like to change the scent, your pocket chemist can do that for you on your next order.


My hair has always been fine and brittle–fun fact: I actually had no hair at all until I was 4 years old. My mom would tape bows on my bald head so people didn’t think I was a boy hahaha. Since it started to grow, it has always taken ages to grow out–we’re talking, like 1 haircut a year. Yeah, I know right?!

Since using my own Formulate formula, I have noticed a huge change in the way my hair feels and looks. Obviously, I’ve only been using the product for a few weeks, so I haven’t noticed massive growth, but I am scheduling a trim soon, as I feel like it has already helped the growing process!

I have been so shocked at how light the shampoo + conditioner have left my hair–it feels so incredibly clean, yet so easy to style. I’m obsessed!


Overall Score

Formulate blew me out of the water. I have been in love from my consultation to now, after about 10 washes. I’ll keep using + follow up with a 6 week post soon! To rate the product overall, I give Formulate an 8/10. Again, the only dock of points is due to the scent. Otherwise, the product is incredibly high on my reorder list!


Want to test YOUR OWN personalized formula out with! Enter to win a set of your own by following my link: !!



$18 Gucci Belt Dupe

Hands up if ya love a good dupe! I literally live for finding high end style for low end price. I can’t believe how many look-a-likes you can find on the interwebs these days. They sure do help this college—soon to be medical—student out! When I found this Gucci Belt dupe on Amazon, I immediately ordered since it was only $17.99–I thought, well if it looks awful, I’ll just wear it a few times and retire it. Contrary to that belief, I wear this baby almost everyday.




The dupe is uncanny to the real $350 version of this belt. Take a look below for a side-by-side comparison!

hi, there!

I chose the brown option, but Amazon lists a black one, as well! Click here for the black version, that’s also $1 cheaper than the brown. To shop the brown version, as well as the featured outfit, follow this link–> Gucci Dupe.

Looking forward to hearing reviews from you gals 🙂 As always, thanks for trusting my style recommendations + shopping my links! You guys blow me away!