DIY Custom Wood Mantle + Mounting a TV to Brick

Hi, friends! Long time, no see! Hopping back on to share my latest diy…I say “my” latest, but this one was all T Giles! Thankful for my guy who has been so interested in being a handy-man lately. Here’s a quick snapshot of how the mantle looked before we touched it: Check out how weContinue reading “DIY Custom Wood Mantle + Mounting a TV to Brick”

2019 Holiday Gift Guides

Hi, pals!! I have missed “seeing” y’all over the last few months!! School is a full time job + on top of applying to grad school (new development before medical school), my ER scribing job, and spending time with my pups + T–wooo! Buttt, I had my upper wisdom teeth emergently extracted yesterday (was notContinue reading “2019 Holiday Gift Guides”


More IKEA, you ask? Yeahhh!! We have found so many super fun pieces at IKEA, which (for the most part) we use for things other than their original purpose. How fun, right?! I’m sharing five of my top favorites below! Shop for yourself by click the number beside each description 🙂 ****** #1 IKEA photo framesContinue reading “FIVE FAV IKEA HACKS”

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

Hi, friends! Spoiler alert: if you haven’t already noticed, I’m taking a step back from blogging. When you hear those of us say “blogging is a full-time job”, we really aren’t kidding. It takes a large amount of time and funds to keep up with a blog…especially a young one. + with medical school quicklyContinue reading “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019”

Favorite Spring Beauty Picks

We are already three weeks into Spring, y’all! I swear, my life is flashing before my eyes. Who’s with me? Each season, I try my best to choose beauty products that go along with the season. I’ve shared a fav beauty product review before, but have recently changed a few of my favorites. I can’tContinue reading “Favorite Spring Beauty Picks”

Personalized Haircare: Formulate

Did someone say personalized?! My ears immediately perked up when I found Formulate + the brand contacted me for a product review. Anything that is made specifically for my particular beauty needs automatically makes my top list. The winner for me, however, was the promise of paraben free, sulfate free, and cruelty free products. This was soContinue reading “Personalized Haircare: Formulate”