DIY: Fall Garland

I’m begging T to let me put up my Christmas tree, but he’s made me promise that I’ll at least wait until November. Wellllll, here it is, November 1 + I am more than ready to pull my decor out. However, he is right about judgement looks from neighbors if I were to throw it all up now. So, I guess I’ll compromise + wait until November 10! hehe 


Since I’m leaving my decor up a little longer, I thought I would share one more Fall DIY! This Fall Garland is SO easy to make + spices up your space. I will be packing this away + using year after year! Check out the step project below!


Step 1: Supplies

For this DIY, you will need:

Twine, Several Fabrics, and a Leaf Garland Strip

Step 2: Measure String

Start by measuring your mantle, to get an accurate measurement of twine you’ll need! I tied two knots at each end, so the string would hang off the back of my mantle as shown below.



Step 3: Cut + Tie Fabric

Next, you’ll want to take your fabrics + cut them into 6 in strips. I chose to only use a plaid and burlap, but I’ve seen several examples with multiple fun Fall fabrics!


After you cut the strips, simply tie them in a pattern on the burlap. I used hot glue to secure the first + last pieces, but I now know this is not necessary–just an add on! Continue tying until the twine is fully covered.

Step 4: Hang + Wrap the Leaf Garland

The last step is to wrap the leaf garland around the completed twine piece. I found that hanging it from my mantle first helped to wrap it easily. After that, your piece is finished!






Have a DIY you want to see? DM me!


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