$18 Gucci Belt Dupe

Hands up if ya love a good dupe! I literally live for finding high end style for low end price. I can’t believe how many look-a-likes you can find on the interwebs these days. They sure do help this college—soon to be medical—student out! When I found this Gucci Belt dupe on Amazon, I immediately ordered since it was only $17.99–I thought, well if it looks awful, I’ll just wear it a few times and retire it. Contrary to that belief, I wear this baby almost everyday.




The dupe is uncanny to the real $350 version of this belt. Take a look below for a side-by-side comparison!

hi, there!

I chose the brown option, but Amazon lists a black one, as well! Click here for the black version, that’s also $1 cheaper than the brown. To shop the brown version, as well as the featured outfit, follow this link–> Gucci Dupe.

Looking forward to hearing reviews from you gals 🙂 As always, thanks for trusting my style recommendations + shopping my links! You guys blow me away!




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