Ipsy: Month Two


Masks: bioBELLE | Mascara: PUR | Bye-Bye Under Eye: IT Cosmetics

Eyeshadow Brush: LUXIE | Eyeshadow: Pacifica

Okay, is that bag not giving you major heart eyes?! This lace trimmed bag is so dainty, and speaks right to my soul. Who doesn’t love a mix of pink + elegance?

My favorite piece out of the bag has to be the Bye-Bye Under Eye. This concealer by IT Cosmetics covers up my purple bags from a lack of sleep for like ten years straight. I will say, it goes on a bit cake-like, but blended well, it does wonders. 

My least favorite from the bag would be the Pacifica eyeshadow piece. I’m not a huge colored eyeshadow gal, so this little palette doesn’t do much for me. I love my nudes, and lets me honest, I’ll probably be using the same palette until I die. 

Overall, it’s another win for Ipsy + I can’t wait until next month! Sign up for a monthly bag, here.


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