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I can’t believe Spring is almost here! It feels like Christmas was just yesterday, am I right? Time is flying, so I must be having fun. With Spring coming fast, my wedding date is also quickly approaching, and my heart cannot handle all of the excitement!

Gearing up for Spring + lots of wedding showers/parties, I set out to find Spring accessory must-haves early enough for me to not be struggling come March 1. That’s when I found Jord Wooden Watches. I was immediately blown away, and will never turn back! Check out my full review:


Jord Frankie Zebrawood & Champagne Wooden Watch

With warmer weather on the way, those wrists will be exposed and will need an accessory to add. Wooden watches are so unique and complete a casual outfit with a light formal touch. I absolutely love my Jord Wooden Watch.

When I first received my watch from Jord, I was immediately obsessed. Cheesy as it may sound, I pictured the watch with all of my upcoming wedding shower pieces and had major heart eyes. It has quickly become one of my most favorite, most timeless pieces.

The face of my watch is a little bigger than I usually prefer, but I was shocked when I found that I preferred the larger size! The watch face is made with sapphire crystal glass, and shines so bright. The interior of the watch face is a slight gold color, that stands out against the Zebrawood links.

Here’s the fun part about a wooden watch; it’s wooden! The airiness of the wooden links provide a total different touch on the wrist, and doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a three pound weight. We’ve all had that one watch that adds weight to the scale, and leaves your wrist sore at the end of the day.

Not only do they provide wooden watches for women, but they have a selection of wooden watches for men, as well. If your sweet man has a birthday coming up, a Men’s Watch would be a perfect gift! He will be blown away by the high quality.

A sweet add on, I’ve teamed up with Jord Wooden Watches for a giveway for a chance to win $100 towards the purchase of your own watch! Not only will you be entered into the large giveaway, but you’ll be given a 10% discount code upon entry, for you to use on a future purchase!

Take a quick second and enter, here!

ps. something fun to note is that Jord is actually pronounced “Yode”, where the Y replaces the J! How much more unique can this company get?!


Luxury Wooden Watch

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