More IKEA, you ask? Yeahhh!! We have found so many super fun pieces at IKEA, which (for the most part) we use for things other than their original purpose. How fun, right?! I’m sharing five of my top favorites below! Shop for yourself by click the number beside each description 🙂



#1 IKEA photo frames are my all time favorite! I have different frames from IKEA alllll over my house! Whether you’re needing frames for the living area, bathroom, kid’s room, or kitchen, IKEA has it for you + as a bonus, in a ton of different color options–see below for six different ways I’ve styled them throughout our house.








#2 The most precious clothes rack! I’ve been looking for a cheap version to use in my she-room for over a year, but couldn’t find one priced under $50 😦 I was strolling in IKEA the other afternoon, however, + found this one for $12!!!! They even have an option without wheels for only $9!

This is a steal, y’all + so cute for displaying your current fav style pieces.



#3 Plant pot turned utensil holder! I loved this little pot, but couldn’t find a use for it. Lord knows I can barely keep myself alive, so there’s no hope for plants in this house hahaha I finally found a place in the kitchen, however, + since the pot was only $3.49, I could easily replace in the event of a spill or grease buildup.



#4 ahhhh! This light fixture was under $40, y’all! We are constantly updating our space + our master bath was in need of a major glow up. I snagged some wallpaper from Target (more on that process later), found this industrial fixture at IKEA + got to work. THINK TWICE if you think you can’t change a fixture yourself–it is so incredibly easy. Again, more on that later 🙂



#5 My all-time fav IKEA hack! I shared a full blog post on this wall easel here. Head on over for the easiest DIY this year!


Have a favorite IKEA hack of your own?? Share below + I’ll test it out, myself 🙂

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