Fifteen Favorite Swimmies

It’s Monday + I am back to work after a much needed week off. On the way in this morning, I felt like I was melting! Did we even have a Spring? I feel like it was 20 degrees one day + 110 the next! I’m so glad I have been picking up pieces that transition well into summer!

Towards the end of Spring my purchases always end up to be mostly swimwear. As I search for new pieces, swimmies seem to be my number one search. I am loving this featured suit from Target. The simplicity of the suit, itself, with the sweet little ties make it perfect for a pool day.

This flip-flops are Kate Spade + are UNDER $25 at Marshall’s. Take a look at my beach flippie post, here, for other pool/beach day flippies!

Some of my absolute favorite suits have come from Target, but this season I am loving pieces from several sites. Shein has caught my eye + I cannot wait for my latest order to come in!

I’m listing fifteen of my top picks this season below!!

Have a favorite swimmie? Comment with the link below!


Wedding Series: Honeymoon Searching


60 days from today I’ll officially be Mrs. White! *cue the happy tears* The closer we get to July 11, 2018, the more my heart explodes with joy + my tummy fills to the brim with butterflies. I STILL cannot believe I get to spend the rest of my life with my very best friend. *someone PINCH me!*

Planning our wedding has been more than exciting, but I think T’s favorite part has been the honeymoon planning. Bless his heart, he would rather go to the courthouse, say our vows + spend a month at the beach. From day one of our engagement, however, he truly has been ecstatic about giving me the wedding of my dreams. So much so that he is so concerned with how every little detail affects me. I thank the Lord daily for his protective spirit that holds my heart in everything he does.

I wanted to be sure that he had the biggest voice in planning our honeymoon, since I knew it was so important for him. He decided on Punta Cana in the Dominican + I mean, who could argue? I’ve never been, but he has, which is not a regular for us–I’m usually the one taking him places I have been. He wasn’t a big traveler growing up, but loves it now! For my anxious heart, going somewhere I have never been is something that I am so excited about, but also so nervous!

Honeymoon planning is one of the 100% enjoyable parts of wedding planning. I’m sharing how we picked + planned ours below!


T’s favorite place in the world is the beach. He takes after his dad on this one. He could live on the sand + I’m a pretty big fan as well, so we knew a beach destination would be our best bet.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
My sweet guy in his favorite place!

T has been to the Dominican + I haven’t. He loved the water + atmosphere there, wanted to take me so bad. Easiest decision we made in planning–Punta Cana it was!

When we first started researching on how to book, we considered using a travel planner. I, being an incredibly independent gal, didn’t want to rely on someone else, so I got to work on my own. I searched several travel sites before coming across

The site was incredibly easy to use. I selected our dates, airline times, and budget for the resort + up popped a million options! Having them to compare, all on one site, was a big plus for me. Every time I came across a resort I was interested in, I would review the place on other sites. TripAdvisor seemed to provide the best reviews + made sure to include the negative ones, as well.


My top point to share surrounding honeymoon planning is to make sure you thoroughly search reviews. When going out of the country, an honest review is so incredibly important. You wouldn’t want to cross an ocean + be stuck at a miserable resort on your honeymoon! On the same note, even if you aren’t leaving the country, your honeymoon is your first trip as a married couple, so a destination with high reviews is what you want to shoot for!


There are so many details to share surrounding honeymoon planning + I just couldn’t fit it all into one post. Since we are choosing to leave the country on ours, stay tuned for a full blog post on “Destination Honeymoons” + all of the details that go into leaving the country!

Have a specific question about honeymoon planning? Shoot me an email + I’ll be glad to help out 🙂

fun fact about B: I have a speech impediment when saying certain words + “specific” is one of them. Just typing it makes my head spin. *hehehe*



Pink Ruffle Accent Top

Facetune_09-05-2018-14-58-25 2.JPG


On Wednesdays we wear…PINK! Seriously, though, pink is good with me for any day. I’ve found that I love the way I feel in pink + my self confidence is always higher. How important it is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing!

I am obsessed with pink, but I am also a big fan of details in fashion + love adding a twist to a seemingly plain-jane outfit. This featured ruffle top from Target gives me all the feels. The material is thin, so wearing it on a hot summer day won’t be an issue. It almost feels like a t-shirt!

The fun part about the top is, of course, the sleeves. The ruffle detail falls right over the shoulder, but doesn’t create a 1980’s puff sleeve look. *hehehe* When I first picked the top up from Target, I was afraid the detail would rub my arms uncomfortably, but after wearing it out to brunch this weekend, I was incredibly wrong!

I can’t wait to restyle this top with fun shorts + maybe even dark denim for a night out. Shop this look, here!



A Guide To Downtown Memphis Murals

Memphis is my whole heart; although I hate BBQ with a passion. *hehehe* This city has truly “made me”, as people say” + I am forever in debt to it.

Living downtown, I have access to both historic + modern Memphis. I could cross the street + catch the trolly, or drive a mile + explore Bass Pro. *side note: a Bass Pro in a pyramid; seriously, who ever imagined?*

One of my favorite Memphis missions is finding hand painted murals. If you look closely, there’s an amazing mural on every corner of downtown Memphis. In honor of Memphis In May + all of the tourists traveling to our city, I’m listing five of the must-see murals below!




This super fun mural is located at Vance Ave + Main St. I love the gray stripes, painted in memory of Jay Reatard, a Memphis music artist who died at a young age. I loved taking the afternoon last week to snap a few graduation + pageant pics with my gal, McKell. Check out her use of this mural + her pageant journey, here!

“Hope Will Lead Us There”


Hope Will Lead Us There is meant to be an inspiring piece of art. Painted on the side of Memphis Street Ministries, at E Pontotoc Ave and Turley St, the mural is meant to remind Memphians to keep the faith + look forward to brighter days. The striking color makes for a super fun Insta feed post. *hehehe*

“The Pinch District”


The Pinch District is considered to be the area I live in. St. Jude, Bass Pro, The Convention Center, yummy Westy’s, +The Rendezvous’s Shipping Center are all major businesses in the area. For years, this district was left to be destroyed, even considered a dangerous area. However, in the last ten years, the district has seen new life. St. Jude is even planning a massive development in the next decade. Check out those plans, here!

This mural highlights the life returning to the district + can be found at 393 Main St., Memphis, TN 38103.

“I Am Free”

Photo by artist, Erin Williams.

This mural was created by the same artist as the “Hope Will Lead Us There” mural + has some of the same characteristics. Found in the Uptown area at Second Street and Mill, the mural brings color to the surrounding older buildings. Again, a mural for colorful insta feeds!

“I Love Memphis”

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 3.26.11 PM
Photo featuring two of the cutest sorority sisters, Sara Carrisoza + Rachel Wickman.

I LOVE MEMPHIS with my whole heart, so this mural gives me all the feels. Fun fact, I am bilingual–Mandarin Chinese is my second language, so the different languages painted saying “I love Memphis” gives me chills. Located right on Beale St., this mural highlights all the things Memphis is known for, from BBQ to The King, Elvis, himself. Grab a yummy milkshake from A. Schwab’s + head down towards Tin Roof to check this one out!


There are many many many more that I could share! Planning a trip to Mem soon? Send me an email + I can point you in all the right directions!


Spring + Summer Embroidered Trends


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Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

With my classes being finished for the summer + getting all my passing grades back, I am more than ready for constant warm weather. Every summer I pack up my neutral items + search out fun, bright pieces. I have managed to stock up over the past few years, but this year I am on the look-out for not just bright pieces, but embroidered bright pieces.

Embroidered pieces are on the rise this season + I can’t get enough! My favorite finds so far have been this featured sun hat + detailed flamingo clutch. The hat comes from the Target dollar section + I snagged it $5. I couldn’t find the exact one to link, but check this other embroidered pick from target.

This clutch gives me all the feels! I am obsessed with all things pink + even more obsessed with all things flamingos for summer! The size of the clutch is also perfect for carrying to a summer garden or beach party + is big enough for all the essentials. I snagged the featured clutch from Old Navy for less than $20! Shop it, here.

Embroidery is also trending in many clothing lines. Stay tuned for a full embroidered denim shorts post coming later this week. For now, be sure to check out a ton of my favorite embroidery picks, here!


Wedding Series: Budget Splurges + Saves

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As a bonus to this week’s Wedding Series post, check out a few of our most recent engagement shots! *heart eyes*


Planning a wedding can be, + is, one of the most stressful times in a gal’s life. Along with figuring out what your big day will entail, you have to be budget conscious throughout the process. This is likely the most difficult part of planning a wedding.

Throughout my journey, I have picked up tips + tricks to save our pennies. From DIYing a few details, to choosing all-inclusive, I’m sharing my top ten splurge vs save wedding items below!

The Dress: Save

There are so many ways to splurge on your dress + I snagged mine for an incredible price. Low’s Bridal has two annual sales + I found my favorite dress for 50% off! My advice for searching for a discounted dress would be to look the dress up+down before purchasing, just to be sure there are no imperfections. Another tip would be to search around—if you find a dress you love, check another store for similar styles; the price might be lower!

The Coordinator: Splurge

If you have read any of my other Wedding Series pieces, you know that my top piece of advice is to find yourself a coordinator. I cannot say it enough, the extra money is 1000% worth it. I was thinking just yesterday, if I didn’t have Nicki, my coordinator, I would be running crazy right now! Even if you hire a family member to handle all of your details, you will be able to enjoy the last leg of your engagement minus at least 50% of the stress.

The Invitations: Save

Your invitations set the tone for your wedding. This is the first piece of your day that your guests will have. However, you can still create amazing invitations without trading in your arm + leg. Many websites like Minted, will charge you a $1.00 an invitation. For a 125 guest wedding, thats about $150 with fees. This past weekend, I utilized Canva to create my invitations + printed them myself on invitation paper for $75. That’s HALF the cost! Office Depot carries wedding envelopes + quality paper. The most expensive material will be the stamps, which run $50 for a roll of 100. You can easily pull off high quality invitations for such a low cost!

The Photographer: Splurge

If you have read my Wedding Series post on photographers, you know that choosing a high quality photographer is another one of my top tips. It is so easy to snap pictures, but so difficult to edit them in a memorable way. Think about it this way: you will be able to remember your big day + all its details, but with a great photographer, you’ll be able to share every detail with your children + their children. Bottom line, spend that extra $1,000 + find you a quality photographer.

The Flowers: Save

Flowers are an incredibly beautiful addition to any wedding ceremony, but can cost a fortune. Lucky for us, we are getting married on the beach, so our arbor will have little to no buds + I’m completely okay with it. To add a full flower arbor would have cost us an extra $1000 + we both agreed that we could use those funds in other areas. The only splurge I would recommend with flowers would be the bridal bouquet. This piece will be included in all of your pictures, so make sure you shell out the appropriate amount of cash for exactly what you want.

The Ring: Splurge

The flowers will die, the music will stop, the guests won’t even remember if you had programs or not; but, the one forever lasting detail of your day is your ring. Your guy picks out the rock, you get to choose the band. My sweet T had my ring custom made in another country + went ahead + chose a band for it. However, if you only have the rock, make sure you chose a band that is long lasting. I think it is special to keep the same ring for your whole life, serving as the best reminder of your big day.

The Wedding Party: Save

I am blessed with SO many gals in my life. I mean, being a two term President of a sorority, you have over 100 women that you could see walking with you down the aisle. When we started to narrow down the friends we wanted to ask, we found that T only had seven at max + I still had eleven. Getting down to this eleven was extremely hard for me + I knew I had to get it even farther down. After much thought, we decided to just ask our siblings. We did, however, ask all of our other friends to be “honorary wedding party” members. This didn’t necessarily save us money, but saved me, in particular, a world of stress.

The Wedding Website: Splurge

Maybe this opinion is consistent with owning a blog, but these days, a wedding website is important. Being able to have your wedding details + your registries + your RSVP spot all-in-one makes the planning a bit easier. even offers a free site! So, while you might not be saving any cash, you are saving time + effort later down the road. Check my own out, here!

The Favors: Save

Wedding favors are being to fall out of the scene. When you’re paying tons of money for everything else, favors seem like the smallest of your worries; + rightfully so! Your guests will take away so much happiness from just being at your bid day. If you still want to supply a favor, consider ordering in bulk!

Bride’s Hair + Makeup: Splurge

This might seem like something you could save on, but I believe a splurge is warranted. I can only imagine the stress + nerves (butterflies) of that day, so having a hair + makeup stylist around will help ease those emotions. Granted, with a beach wedding, I have only been able to find a makeup artist. Truth be told, Tyler might have to help a girl out with my hair. Even with my hair situation up-in-the-air, I am so relieved that I found someone to cover my hair.


This list does not cover half of the details that I have had to choose between splurge or save. Never hesitate to reach out if you would like to know how I handled a certain situation! 🙂


A Guide To Statement Tees



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Statement necklaces have been popular in the fashion world since I was in middle school. Throwback: who remembers wearing statement necklaces with t-shirts? One of my most regrettable fashion choices.

Now that statement necklaces have faded a bit, statement t-shirts have filled their place + I am obsessed. This featured top is from Target + is currently sold out online. *boo* I have seen several at my local Target lately, so hop on into a store near you to snag it!

Like the featured top, jewel embellished tees give an edge to a casual outfit. I have paired this top with both pixies + fun shorts, showing statement tees can even find their way into the workplace. For a night out, I would pair the top with dark denim, fun earrings, + a small heel or platform shoe.

A statement tee is not only defined as a jewel embellished top, but graphic tees are also included. I am in love love love with all things cute graphic tees. They are so comfy, but also nicer than a regular t-shirt + can be worn to fun events.

Loud + fun tops are best paired with an easy going pair of bottoms. I constantly find myself grabbing for a pair of white pants, but I am in love with these shorts from Old Navy! They are incredibly comfy + pair perfectly with a statement tee.

Give me all of the statement + graphic tees for this entire Spring + Summer!!

Shop the featured look + more, here!



Beach Favorites: Flippies

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Praise the Lord, my Spring 2018 finals are o-v-e-r! Hello, Senior year!! This semester has been both the best and worst. I have grown so much personally, but my classes have been incredibly stressful.

I am more than thankful to be putting down the books for a few months. Before I run to burn every piece of Physics material I can find, I am sharing more beach inspiration!

Remember my tip about flippies in my 25 Beach Vacation Essentials post? I truly believe having a pair of flip-flops to cross the hot road is a must. I have found five of the best options to keep those toesies from catching fire!

My favorite pair are the Kate Spade Flamingo Flips + the best is, I snagged them from Marshall’s this weekend for under $25!! I cannot wait to sport them to the pool all summer. They will 100% find a way into my suitcase to the coast + the Dominican for my honeymoon!

Shop these flippies + more, here!



Wedding Series: Dreamy Beach Wedding



A beach wedding has been a dream in the back of my mind for my whole life. From a tiny girl to now, The Little Mermaid has been my most favorite movie. As a little tot, I remember dreaming of marrying my own prince just like Ariel one day.

Then, as I got older the practicality of having a ceremony close to home won over my little girl dreams. T + I decided on a December ceremony in Memphis. Don’t get me wrong, I was just as excited to marry my guy, but it just felt like something was missing.

Then, in Destin on family vacation, we were stuck behind this truck:


How ironic is it that one trip to Target led to all of my wedding dreams coming true? T + I immediately contacted Nicki with Island Sands + got to planning.

In this edition of my Wedding Series, I am digging into all aspects of planning a dreamy beach wedding. Keep reading for planning of any beach wedding + a few add-ins of my own experience! Check it out below.


Search Out A Wedding Planner 

The first step in planning a beach wedding is to find a company to coordinate your wedding nearby. The biggest challenge in planning a destination wedding is finding the perfect coordinator + planner, with you being so far away. You should be sure to search out all options in the area, to ensure you can see them fulfilling every wish.

Check out my full venue post, here.

Grabbing The Dress

When dress shopping for a beach wedding, be sure to still try all options. You never know what you’ll feel comfortable in. Keep in mind, however, that the sand can pose an issue with certain dresses. I made sure to move around in each dress I tried on, just to see how it felt in motion. I love love love all simple dress options for a beach ceremony. Check out my full wedding dress review, here!

Wedding License  

When you get married at the beach, you have to apply for a wedding license in the state you are getting married in. For us, we will simply swing by the court house when we get to the beach + apply for one. Luckily, in Okaloosa County, you are able to apply + receive the license on the same day

Beach Permit

This is the beauty of choosing an all-inclusive package for a beach wedding—the permit is included. If you are planning to diy your beach wedding, make sure to look into permits with the county where the ceremony will take place. They usually range from $200-$500, but if you have a coordinator, she will be sure to take care of this.


Invitations for a destination wedding should go out between six + eight weeks. Our wedding is on July 11th of this year + we are sending invites out the first week of May. Be sure to give your guests a heads up since traveling is involved. However, side note—the most important of your guests + those who are sure to come will already know and have made arrangements, so don’t stress too much. Word of mouth travels + invitations are just for formality in most cases.


Check out my full review of wedding photographers, complete with beach wedding instructions, here!


The Ceremony

The actual ceremony is something you can create to be all your own with a beach wedding. When going with all things beach, you have the option to include all of the following:

  • Bamboo Arbor
  • Flower Petal Aisle
  • Lanterns
  • Sand Combing Ceremony
  • Heart In the Sand
  • Sheppards Hooks

… + more. There are so many options + at times they felt overwhelming. Be sure to ask your planner or coordinator for help when choosing—she does this jig for a living, so she’ll have all the answers.

The Reception

When you’re exchanging vows with your toes in the sand, the options are endless. This applies to the reception, as well. We decided to have our cake + eat-it-too, right on the sand. We will finish our ceremony, have a moment to ourselves for pictures + kisses, then move right over to the reception. We’ll have everyone in attendance make a circle on the sand for us to celebrate our first dance, then go over for the cutting of the cake.

The Cake

Speaking of the cake, when planning a beach wedding, it’s so important to contact cake vendors asap. Lucky for us, a family member will be making ours. However, if you don’t choose to order one through your wedding coordinator, there are plenty of vendors and shops near every beach. Just be sure to give them plenty of notice.

Makeup + Hair

Although your coordinator may supply a hair + makeup option, you might want to employ something a bit more familiar. I have always had my makeup done by Mac for events, so I called the Destin location + had an artist contracted out for my big day. I have had so many issues with finding a hair stylist, however, so Tyler may end up doing my hair; stay tuned. However, there are always local salons to contact, they just may be a bit pricey with travel fees. Keep this in mind when planning your up-do!

The aspect of a beach wedding that I love the most is the simplicity. With a wedding coordinator our families will be able to enjoy every detail of our day with little to no stress. If you know me, I stress easy, so I am so thankful for Nicki + the team piecing together my most favorite days.

Have a question about a beach wedding I didn’t cover? Don’t hesitate to ask 🙂



25 Beach Vacation Essentials


We have two months + eleven days until we are beachin’ again + this rainy day is making me dread the wait. We are so fortunate to take a family vacation each summer to Destin + this year we even get to tie the knot in the sand.

Every year, packing is so dreaded. Even for a small weekend trip back in March, I was running around crazy trying to make sure I remembered everything. I’ll admit, I am the “everything + the kitchen sink” type of packer. You just never know what you’ll need! However, over the past year I’ve tried to be super intentional when packing. Even by laying outfits out on my bed and packing them together.

As the sun is getting warmer + flowers are starting to bloom, I am listing twenty must-haves for every beach vacation!



Okay, my first checkmark is always swimmies. I shop year round for swimmies + always have a new set before leaving for the beach. You might think it’s impossible to forget swimwear when heading to the beach, but my Father-In-Law forgot all of his two years ago + he is the BIGGEST beach fan. So, it can happen to the best of us. *hehehe* No worries, he was able to head to the outlet mall and replace them, but I would be so heartbroken if I left my favs at home!


I could NOT live in a world without music + there’s just something about cranking it up while listening to the waves. We make sure to grab a speaker before heading down each morning. Our stations range from country to pop + everything in between. Hope the fishes sing along with us. *hehehe*


Okay, this may seem like a no-brainer, but some people only bring towels. While towels are super important (see next listed), you can’t pull them down to the water. My most favorite part of beach days is pulling my chair to the water, applying tanning oil + baking. With the water on ya toes, you won’t completely burn up.


Have you ever gotten down to the beach + forgotten a towel? SOS. We make sure to take one more than needed each time. When coming out of the water, a quick pat down is always nice, before laying the damp towel over your chair + kicking back. As an extra, monogrammed are my favs.

Beach Cart

My Father-In-Law lives by a beach cart. It is so easy to throw in everyone’s bags, the cooler, the towels, + even the chairs + roll. The cart can even be used to hold the trash bags during the day.  Without the cart, it would take us five-ever to carry all of our mess down to the beach + on beach time, this matters!


Okay, so tents are a must-have for our family. We all love the hot Florida sun, but my Father-In-Law hits the sand as early as 7:00am + has to be dragged off around 5:00pm. This makes for a super long day in that hot sun, so tents allow us to take a break + even a nap.

Water Bottle

My camelback is a lifesaver each summer + ESPECIALLY while at the beach. We drag a cooler down each day, but there’s nothing I hate more than a sandy water bottle bottom. By using my camelback + room temperature water, I am able to stay hydrated without creating tan spots from all of the sand.

Cup Spike

If you don’t want to bring a reusable water bottle down to the sand, bringing along a cup spike will help with the sand issue. This Etsy listing has the cutest spikes + can even monogram for you. This can easily be thrown into the next listing!

Beach Bag

Every gal has a bag for every occasion, but a beach bag is one of the most important. I usually find one from the Target dollar section each year, but this go around I am finding a more sturdy one. I have my eye on this bag from Aldo + will probably snatch it while it’s on sale. Stay tuned for a full post on what I carry in my beach bag!

Waterproof Phone Bag

This can literally be as simple as a zip-lock bag to keep your phone safe, but grabbing a holder will save you the stress of worrying about it. I have even snagged these holders from Amazon before + it was so worth it. Just throw it in your beach bag + your beach bag into your beach cart + enjoy that sun, gal!


When the speaker isn’t playing your jam, earphones allow you to keep the vibe going without asking the older peeps to turn the station. Even if you aren’t listening to music, earphones can supply you with a fun audiobook while your toes are in the sand!


SUNNIES ARE A MUST. There’s nothing worse than trying to nap on the beach with the glaring sun in your eyes. I usually tote at least four options down to the coast + switch them out daily. Funny story–since T + I are getting married in the middle of our family vacay this year, he is not allowed to wear sunnies until the wedding because he always gets a raccoon burn-line. *hehehe*

Skin Care

I am more than blessed to not really get a sunburn. I have a percentage of Cherokee Indian in my blood (peep my high cheek bones + tan in the summer), so I only bronze. What a nice problem to have! However, I’ve already had an episode of skin cancer. There were three little spots that popped up on my neck last summer that have to be removed. With my other medical history, this was very scary. So, SKINCARE SKINCARE SKINCARE. From then on, I have learned to put sunscreen on all susceptible skin cancer areas. I feel as though I’m still young, so I do still tan with oil, but make sure all sensitive spots are fully covered.


If you’ve ever crossed the road between the beach + your condo, you know the pain of the hot asphalt. It is literally like walking on fire. I love these Tory Burch sandals + they would be perfect to throw on when crossing the road + throwing back in your beach bag once you hit the sand.

Cover Up

Okay, so you have your flip-flops for the walk across, but what about covering up your suit while cars are passing? For this reason, I never leave Memphis without a cover up. Even if just throwing on a large t-shirt, I feel so much better knowing the community is not staring.

Easy Dinner Outfits

Denim Shorts

Denim shorts with simple tops are a staple for me when packing for my yearly getaway. I love how easy it is to throw up a pair of my favorite denim + a flowy shirt. This outfit choice saves a lot of time for me, since my hair is usually just let straight since its a casual pick.

Simple Dresses

I love shopping for our yearly beach trip + finding perfect little dresses are one of my favs. I usually pack at least two dresses for the week + like to spread them out. I’ll usually curl my hair for dress looks, so I have to be sure to come up from the beach a little earlier than for a simple denim look.


Rompers + the beach go together perfectly. They can be dressed way up, or dressed way down, depending on the restaurant choice. Not to mention, you literally just step into your outfit + they take up NO space in your suitcase.


Okay, this is admittedly my weakness. I literally bring a tub for all of my shoes each year + to be honest, this will probably never change. I love having tons of options to pair with my outfits + HEY it’s vacay, so who cares? Make sure to pack several options, from simple flip-flops to espadrille wedges.


Cardigans + Sweatshirts

So, you wouldn’t think to pack cardigans or sweatshirts for your beach trip, but the wind on the beach at night can be a bit nippily. I love coming back from dinner, washing my face, and throwing a sweatshirt on with my denim shorts to hit the beach for a while. It’s so much fun to find scurrying crabs in the sand + the moon over the water is breath taking every time.


One of my favorite traditions at the beach is waking up early with my gal Tyler + my MIL Toni + going for a morning walk. There’s nothing quite like seeing the beach before you can’t move two feet due to your neighbor, Bill, spreading his crap everywhere. *hehehe* We usually don’t go far, but far enough to need tennies, for sure.


I love carrying a hat down to the beach + ball caps are my favorite. Not only do they cover up your beach hair, but they help cover your eyes when your sunnies start to give you a headache. The cutest Etsy shop makes embroidered caps + I have three different SK ones to sport.


This one should be taken with caution. Tyler + I brought five large floaties to the beach last year + the pictures were on point. HOWEVER, blowing them up is a pain. I wish I could find the selfie of Tyler, T + I shoved in the four-runner with the floaties on ropes flying in the wind. I’ve included a picture below for you to view the massive size of the watermelon we had. I’m pretty sure Tyler still has marks on her hands from holding this baby down. *hehehe* So, overall floaties are a must for at least one year. I think Tyler + I have had all we want.


Hygiene Bag

The easiest way to make sure you have all of your hygiene products is to find a bag to hold it all. I love this pink one from Amazon. I usually pile my shampoo, conditioner, razor, lotion, bobby pins, hair ties, brush, straightener, curling iron, ect. into one bag. Whew! That’s a lot in one breath!

Makeup Bag

If I forgot my makeup bag I would 100% buy all new makeup. I usually grab a larger makeup bag than I use on the regular so that I can pack all of my makeup into one place. This bag is similar to my usual + this one is the size I usually drag down to the beach. A big reason for choosing a larger bag is being able to fit all of my pallets into one bag. This helps a ton!


I’m sure there are more must-haves that I could pull out of my brain, but these 25 seem to cover the essentials. Bless T’s sweet heart when we have babies; he might just have a truck transport our entire house! *hehehe*

Have a beach essential? Share it below 🙂