Wedding Series: How I Asked My Best Gal To Be My Maid of Honor

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As soon as a girl gets her ring, she starts to think of how and when to gather up her bride tribe. There are so many options out there + with the help of etsy, you can whip something up in a day. Being the President of a sorority, there were 50+ women I loved dearly + I knew I couldn’t have 50 gals standing beside me on my day.

The one gal I knew for 100% that I would ask was Tyler, my fiance’s sister (@tylermichellewhiteblog). I even knew that if I asked others, she would still be my Maid of Honor. So, knowing that, I decided to only ask her.

We take a family vacation each year to Destin + I thought, what better place to ask her to stand beside me on my day than AT THE BEACH?! Hint–there isn’t one. I began to pull a few things together + wrote her a letter, expressing how much she meant to me. I couldn’t find anything I loved with “MOH” on it, so I chose to just buy with bridesmaid.

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Before dinner one night, I had Zac, her now fiance, take her in to get a drink. While she was away, I set up camp at a nearby picnic table. I can’t even put into words the butterflies in my tummy! I knew she would say yes, but I was SO excited to ask her. Soon enough, she came walking out of Crab Trab with a Pina Colada in hand + had no idea I was about to ask her.

Drink in hand. *hehehe*

Of course she said yes + we took lots of pics after. What else would we do? *hehehe* From then to now she has helped me in so many ways preparing for our big day. Making decisions for a wedding is NOT easy + I don’t think I could have done it/remained sane without her.

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To make sure I expressed my gratitude to all of my other best gals, I sent them honorary bridesmaid’s letters. I’ve attached it below! I am so thankful for the role they each have played in my life + am so blessed to have so many supportive women around me.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 3.30.18 PM.png

This has been the best season of my entire life + I can’t believe it is coming to a close in only 23 days! Bring on the newlywed season + flipping the tables to get my gal Ty married!



Summer Swim Coverups



Summer + swimsuits are two of my absolute favorite things. I love to replace my swimmie collection each year. Check out my current favorite suits, with my 15 Favorite Swimmies post!

Another important piece to add to your summer swim collection is a coverup. In the past I’ve found coverups that double as night out looks. The coverup featured above is an example. I snagged it from the Dillard’s semi-annual sale a few months ago + even wore it for engagement pictures! Since it’s so bright, I knew I probably couldn’t get away with wearing it another time, so I decided to repurpose it into a coverup.

I’ll admit–these are harder to find than suits. I feel like I look up + down for coverups, only to find a few favorites. Yes, they are significantly less important, but you definitely need a few, so you’re not caught running across the street in your suit at the beach.

I’ve linked several options that are on my radar with the link below!

Favorite Summer Swim Coverups

Have a favorite coverup? Share below! 🙂


Wedding Series: Guide To Ceremony Programs



Wedding programs are an aspect every bride has to decide whether or not to include. When attending a wedding, I love to grab a program, so that I am aware of what will take place + when. Not only are they essential for many guests, but they also make a sweet keepsake for the wedding album.

When T + I first started to plan, programs were left off of our list. At that point, we didn’t think we would have more than 35 guests at our ceremony, but that number has quickly grown to almost 75. Because of this number increase, we feel that adding a program might help the calm any chaos of the day.

I have DIY’ed each of our paper details. Our invitations, rsvp cards, ect. So, I knew that my programs would be no different. To get inspiration for each paper detail, I log on to + search the options. If I find one I love, I will use it to inspire my own design.

It helped to know the order of most ceremonies, as well. Fun fact–I have been to countless weddings, but am still unsure of the order of the ceremony. *hehehe* After finding a design that inspires me, I use my account to create my own.

For us, it will be important to list each aspect of the ceremony + then instructions for transitioning to the reception. Many brides opt to have a cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony, but for us we plan to have almost all pictures finalized before the ceremony, so our guests will only have a small wait before the reception begins. Speaking of our reception, it will look different, as it will be directly on the beach. This information will likely make the program, as well.

On the flip side, however, more + more brides are opting out of a program these days. Because of the wide use of technology, the printing of paper materials is on the decline. This is a great option for a bride having a simple ceremony + if any announcements need to be made, your officiate can take care of it, or your Best Man/Maid of Honor can grab a mic at the reception.

Yes, the first thing your guest’s will throw away will probably be the program. However, I think the need outweighs the risk. Especially if you choose to DIY your own. Every detail of my day will be so special + I can’t wait to remember every second by looking back on the small aspects.



Have a creative idea for ceremony programs? Leave it below!


Simply Put: Grieving

Because I share every other aspect of my life with you, my readers, I decided to piece together a blog tribute to my father. I don’t talk about family much, but it’s such a huge part of who I am + I want you all to know me like we’re besties.

I had this post ready to upload today, as it is the third anniversary of his passing, however we encountered another death as a family this morning. My father’s sister, my Aunt Pat, passed away as a result of Alzheimer’s, early this morning–three years to the date that her brother passed, so I thought I would amend it + add more.

A small, personal backstory, as most people wonder why he was so much older–grandparents raised me. However, they were always mom + dad to me. Very complicated family situation, which I would be happy to explain if you’re really interested. *hehehe*

Grieving, for me, has been so very different than most of my family. For that reason, I feel that sharing my story might bring comfort to someone else walking the same path I’ve walked for three years.



To begin, I’d like to share a little bit about the man who I loved first. Avon Frost was a man of few words, but when he had something to say it was so influential. In my older age I have taken one thing away from thinking about him often–he obviously did not like to take pictures. *LOL* I have had to dig hard to find the ones of just he + I.

My pops grew up as a star athlete. He played every sport there was to play + stepped into the “captain” role for each of them. I just recently learned a few things about him. Not a shock I’m just now learned this, however, as he spoke very little. If he was ever speaking, it was never of himself, either. The following quote was said by his cousin Bob:

“One of the best baseball pitchers and tennis players in the State of Mississippi. Scouted by the St. Louis Cardinals that wanted to sign him right out of high school. People came to watch him pitch from all over Mississippi. Played some college ball at Mississippi State. Bulldog through and through. He was a special cousin that influenced my journey into sports. He and Paul Cain won tennis doubles at the State level on a number of occasions as well. Just a good athlete that loved all sports.”

In everything he did, he gave it his all. However, he saw his fair share of tragedy in his lifetime. When his younger brother was 18, he was killed in a drinking + driving accident. He left school at Mississippi State that semester to come home + help his mother adjust. This “family man” figure would continue on to become his legacy.


He went on to become very successful in the copper industry + eventually moved from Mississippi to Arkansas, where I was born. From there, he raised + left me with so many memories that are so precious to my heart. One of my favorites–my childhood home was a block from my high school + I can remember being a little girl, walking down the street to watch football practices. There, my love of sports was born.

As I grew, he was my biggest fan on the sidelines, cheering me on at every softball game. I can remember driving home from buying my first car, (he drove because he was scared for me to LOL), not saying a word but feeling so lucky to have a dad like him.

Another vivid memory was him walking in every afternoon at 5:00pm, turning on the news + falling into his chair. He would leave around 4:00am for work, so his day was a long one. He retired once (LOL for anyone who knew him). He quickly took that back because he simply could not sit still. I guess he couldn’t take staying home with my mom everyday. *hehehe*

My Senior year of high school was in 2015. That April I experienced an extreme heartbreak. I remember coming home from school the day the incident occurred to him standing in the driveway. I got out of the same car he drove home for me + ran into his arms. I felt safe, protected, just right where I needed to be. I will remember that hug everyday for the rest of my life.

I never ever imagined he would be taken from me so soon after that day.


He was diagnosed with cancer on May 1st + passed away just 29 days later on May 30th. My everyday life was 100% different than it had been for the last 18 years. During the 29 days that he was sick, I graduated high school on the 15th. My mom barely made it, but he was obviously unable. This was something that I would have never imagined. I always saw him in every season of my life. High school gradation, college, college graduation, medical school, wedding, babies, ect.

As soon as my graduation ended, my family + I traveled to Memphis to be with him.

I left for New York + Boston the next day, thinking he would be around for a while. This was the first instance of me grieving differently than my family. I couldn’t bear to sit + watch him deteriorate. I wished to remember him as the man I knew in April + before. So, I took a trip. The day before I came back, I got a call from my mom saying they would be moving him to a hospice home soon. The shock of how fast this was moving was something so heavy to hold.

He was moved into hospice care the night of May 29th + passed away around 6:00am on May 30th. I woke to my mom screaming + before leaving my bed to run to her, I prayed a quick prayer, “Lord, let me be the strong one.” I didn’t cry for some reason. The pain, oh the chest gripping pain, but no tears. I asked one of her friends to drive her the hour to see him. Out of utter shock + disbelief that he was gone, I planned to drive over to Memphis to be with a few friends. I made it an hour + had to come home.

My entire extended family came to Wynne, Arkansas, filling our home. This, I guess, was too overwhelming for me. I left several other times to get away from it all. This brought up several “concerns” from family members + older friends of my family. This brings me to my reason for this post: everyone grieves differently.

Taken the night after his passing.

Imagine your father has just passed away + Sally Jo from down the street tells you that you’re grieving wrong. Welcome to my world in June of 2015. I didn’t cry at the funeral + I even sang a piece. In my mind, the prayer I had prayed that first morning had allowed me to be the “strong one” through his service.

Over the last three years, I have broken down maybe twice. I grieve in a way that allows me to keep my grief inside. Yes, to the skeptical ones, I have seen a therapist many a time + still do regularly. My grief is not absent. It is real + I deal with it on an everyday basis. However, it is not an outward showing. I simply don’t talk about it. With anyone, including my Sweet T. He understand that I was made to grieve differently + has learned how to comfort me without saying a word.

A huge piece of advice I had to give to anyone grieving is this–do not compare your grief to other’s. Many of my mom’s friends approached me about me not grieving the same as my mom. I didn’t understand why so many people expected me to express my hurt differently–why couldn’t they just help me in the way I needed? It wasn’t until my Freshman year of college when my therapist told me this was normal, that I stopped carry a burden about it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with grieving silently. There is absolutely nothing wrong with picking up the pieces of your life + moving forward. That is what he would have wanted me to do, anyways.

Notice, I say “moving forward” not “moving on”. “Moving on” is not something you’ll ever be able to do. You’ll think of your loved one every single day. You’ll grieve in literal waves. One second you’ll be okay + the next you’ll need to excuse yourself from dinner to have a moment. “Moving forward” is what I did.

I missed my dad more than anything else. I was dealing with entering college with only a mother able to be a part of me becoming an Orientation Guide, Intern, eventually a sorority President, and many other exciting things. For a second of all of my achievements, I’ve had a moment of heartbreak, knowing that he wasn’t there for me to tell. I could only call mom. I couldn’t pick up my phone, scroll to Dad + call.

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Yes, this season of my life has been my most favorite. I have been blessed to the brim with experiences I would have never dreamed of. I am a year away from medical school + I am getting married in 42 days. It rips me apart inside to think he has “missed” it all. I have grown immensely, loved immensely. T tells me all the time of how proud he would be + I know he is.

As my wedding day approaches, I am reminded more than ever of his absence. I wish more than I could say that he would be physically walking the aisle with me on July 11th. I know he’ll be peaking over those clouds to see me down the sandy beach to marry my best friend.

Grief is a weird experience. That’s honestly the best way I know to describe it. It is different for each + every human. In order to best help each other recover, we must recognize that.

Here’s to the next month of missing my first love more than ever, but one day running through those pearly gates into his arms once again.


“I love you!…I love you, too, Princess!”



Wedding Series: Sweatin’ For The Weddin’




If you know me, adding exercise to my crazy life has been so hard for me. I have struggled with eating healthy + putting effort into my workouts since I’ve started college. Hi gals, Freshman 15 is real. Can I get an amen?

When I went wedding dress shopping I was determined to find a dress that flattered my body in every way. When I found the one, I loved everything about it, other than the fact that it had to be majorly altered. The boobage was made for someone far more blessed than I + the entire dress was a size too big. Of course, my stylist helped to pin it just perfectly + I knew it was for me.

I got the idea in my head–what if I could lose a bit of weight + have it altered two sizes down instead of only one. I immediately went into internet search mode + found several plans to follow + then life happened. *really sad face* I became super stressed over the most difficult class I’d ever taken, President life, GETTING MARRIED, family tissles, ect. ect. ect. 

Next thing I knew, we were three months from our big day. Talk about a shock. I took one look at myself in the mirror + knew it was time to get serious. I’m sharing what I’ve been doing + eating to lose those lbs + tone up below!


I decided my best bet for results would be to exercise + follow a clean diet. I ran often in highschool + played softball for my entire raising, so when all of that stopped when I went to college I was doomed. I began to hate exercising. Then I got sick. After that, I had no energy at all to exercise. I hated it so much.

I tried BBG at the beginning of last year + got so busy that I couldn’t make time for it. I tried again this year, but was only left feeling sick after each workout. This might be the result of just starting again, but I only ended up falling off of that wagon. I cannot express the disappointment I felt.

Fast forward + Planet Fitness is actually heaven. Here’s a reallllly embarrassing fact: I had been using my PF Membership for tanning only for over 6 months. I’m hearing the judging now. Send me a dm + I’ll tell you how packed my life is. *hehehe*

I scheduled a one-on-one with a trainer at Planet Fitness + found the most amazing trainer waiting for me. Kevin, at the Memphis Midtown location, here’s your shoutout! He sat with me for over a half hour discussing my medical history + where I felt I was most weak. He put together a workout program that KICKS MY BUTT, but has already made me feel so much better.

A week entails five weight-lifting workouts, with 20 minutes of moderate cardio to close it out. I have been so shocked at how much I enjoy walking into PF every weekday. The friendly smiles + high five from my trainer have made alllll the difference.

Now to the food: no exaggeration, this has been so easy. It just took me stepping up + starting, as well as committing. For lunch each day, I make myself a Turkey Pita which is literally amazing. For dinner, we choose between several healthy options. Interested in these recipes? Send me an email + I’d be so happy to share.

Snacks are always my weakness. Lately I’ve been choosing yummy kettle chips + veggie straws when I need something salty. My all-time weakness is a sweet tooth after dinner. Every. Single. Night. To combat this, I bought fat free cool whip in the tub. It is 20 calories for two tablespoons + less than 1g of sugar. When left in the freezer, it tastes just like vanilla ice cream.

One tip would be to only weigh yourself once a week. You won’t change much day to day, but Mondays (for me) have been so exciting to see results. Also, remember to take progress pictures. A big result for me hasn’t really been the scale moving, but the way my body is changing.

Overall, it has 100% been a mind change. Choosing healthy options is so much easier than you think. Walking into a gym where there are humans three times your muscle size can be so intimidating. Find a workout partner or join Planet Fitness + grab that trainer to combat this.

All of your hard work will pay off when you’re standing at the alter looking + feeling confident in your own skin.


Have a question about my fitness routine? Send me an email + I would be so happy to answer!


Being Intentional With Time


Shop Letter Board, here!


In today’s age, we so forget the value of time–the value of life, itself. It is so easy to be blinded by everything we have packed our lives full of + not notice the people or most inspirational moments that surround us. There is so much to be missed in life’s little moments + in order to experience all it has to offer, we must get back to being intentional.

I had the day off yesterday, so I stayed home + watched plenty of Disney movies (my favorite). As 5:00pm approached, I knew T would be getting off of work soon + we’d have dinner then go for a workout. For some reason I felt like I hadn’t seen him in forever! But, I had seen him for lunch? I had seen him when I went over to the office to go for a swim? Why did I feel like I hadn’t seen him in weeks?

Then it hit me–I have been so unintentional with my time. When we are together, we so often pick up our phones + don’t speak. Not because we are upset with each other, but because our generation has become so consumed with Social Media. Here’s a funny about T–he has an actual muscle memory habit of clicking on Facebook every single time he ends a phone call. *hehehe*

My heart was missing quality time with my sweet guy + it was our own fault! When he came home, I gave him a big squeeze + apologized for not being intentional when we have time together. You can imagine his response. He had also missed me but didn’t know why. Yes, we do a phone stack when eating out, but never at home. This is 100% a new rule for us + will save us the heartache of missing each other when there is absolutely no reason to.

Being intentional radiates into other areas of life, as well. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone + weren’t really listening? Then they finish what they’re saying + you have no idea what is going on? This is due to a lack of intention. You want to chat, but you aren’t intentionally focusing on your friend. How are we, as women, able to empower each other without being intentional in our replies? This, to me, is so important when searching for best gals.

As the President of a sorority for two terms now, my phone is literally a mini Grand Central Station. Let me say that it is one of the most rewarding service outlets I have + would not change one minute of one of the biggest blessings in my life. I love each + every gal in my chapter with all of heart.  However, T + I have struggled many a time with me being consumed with emails, texts, calls, events, meetings, ect. Not just with being Pres, but in other leadership areas, as well.

For me, when someone contacts me I feel like I have to respond immediately. I open most emails as soon as I receive them + also try reply to texts within an hour. This last semester I have learned that this habit of self-care is unhealthy. I am innately a helper, so this has honestly been so painful for me to realize + get a hold of. “You cannot be a helper every second of your life, B” is something I’ve repeated over + over for the last three months.

Learning to be intentional with my time outside of my one-on-one leadership is something that I am working on for the sake of my personal health, but also the health of all other relationships in my life.

As a side note, this takes a lot of patience + commitment. My entire life I’ve been a helper every second I am awake. It brings me joy to give my time to help solve another’s problem. However, when you go from being available 100% of the time to scheduling time to just yourself, the people around you might be shocked. They might even think something is wrong. The best way I have found to deal with this is to sit them down + explain the change. This will help both you + those who you support/mentor/empower. It might even empower them to be intentional in their own lives.

In a real-life, personal scenario, how easy is it for us to buy something on Amazon? There is literally a one-click-and-done option, where you just have to tap the purchase button. No entering an address, phone number, or even a credit card. We have become a one-click society. Being able to purchase a product + not think twice (hehehe, I’m GUILTY) has created an unintentional commerce to consumer relationship.

Another intentional relationship we must prioritize, being the most important, is the one we share with the Lord. I am so guilty of only talking with him on a long drive home, or when I have a sliver of downtime between my busy chores. Being intentional with our daily walk, however, begs of us to talk with Him when we are knee deep in the grime. When you stop + think about it, deep in the grime is when we rely on his friendship + leadership the most.

One of my most favorite quotes is as follows: “Show up in every single moment like you are meant to be there.” We were put on this Earth to make a difference. To create change. To empower. To inspire. To LOVE. How are we able to do those things when we are so consumed with just sliding through life?

My challenge to you, my readers, + myself for the next month is to show up. Put the phone down, hold your child for an extra ten minutes, kiss your spouse a little longer when they come home, take your pup on an extra 30 minute walk, think about that bikini before you buy it, listen to a friend + give A+ advice back, talk with the Lord when you are vacuuming or annoyed with how disgusting the dishes are after dinner.

Be intentional everyday for 30 days. Keep a journal of every intentional act. When your 30 days are over, stop back in + let me know all of the ways your life has changed.

I love each of you guys–thanks for letting me spill my heart in this one.


3 Favorite Memphis Coffee Bars


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Who doesn’t love a good coffee bar? My gal Tyler + I live for a warm cup of joe. Living in a larger city, there seems to be one on every corner! If you are a super coffee fan, you know the feeling of walking out of a joint with bitter coffee. What a let down! It is so important to locate your favorites + play them on repeat.

Some of my favorite coffee spots are hidden away, while some are super popular. Scroll down to learn about 3 of my absolute favorites!


Muddy’s Bake Shop + Coffee


Muddy’s, located in the heart of midtown at 585 Cooper St, Memphis, TN 38104, is the perfect place for a hot cup of coffee. Not far from the UofM, Muddy’s is a happening little shop, that serves students + business folk alike. My favorite time to visit Muddy’s is definitely around the holidays. I love love love their Peppermint Latte. On a regular visit, however, I enjoy their Mocha Latte + a “Prozac” cupcake (chocolate cake with chocolate icing). My sweet T orders “Strawberry Fields Forever”, which is quite funny to hear him order, being a 6″2 tall guy. *hehehe*

City & State


City & State is an absolute must-visit! I have never felt so rustic but minimalist at the same time. The shop is very modernly adorned, with a mural outside–featured in the picture above. They even have an outside water fountain for pups! *heart eyes* While my favorite order from C&S is their hot coco–literally the bestT loves their cup of joe! City & State is also located near the University, at 2625 Broad Ave, Memphis, TN 38112.

Cafe Eclectic 


Coffee goes best with….BREAKFAST, of course. Cafe Eclectic is a classic in Memphis + offers the best breakfast & brunch menus. A cup of their regular + a waffle go down great, before heading over for early morning grocery shopping at Miss Cordelia’s. Located at 111 Harbor Town Square, Memphis, TN 38103, this little coffee shop gives me life on weekend mornings + being so close to my house, this is probably my favorite. Any chance to stay near home on the island is a go for me!


I could share many more coffee bars, but these are my 3 favorites. Planning a trip to Memphis soon + need restaurant suggestions? Send me an email + I’d be glad to point you in the right direction! 🙂



The Wrap Dress


Shop the look, here!

I have gotten so many dm’s about this dress over the weekend! I figured I would just do a full blog post on it in light of that. Check out the details below!


T + I had the absolute privilege of traveling to Atlanta for the sweetest wedding of the year. Mary Henner, a mentor in my life, married her knight Cole Bearrow in one of the most stunning gowns I’ve ever seen. The love that they share radiates to everyone around them. I cannot say enough about how special it was to watch them say “I do”.

The gorgeous bride, herself!

Mary asked for cocktail attire for her ceremony. So, I got busy + went straight for Nordstrom Rack. (I’ve found many cocktail attire pieces here before) This green wrap dress was the first piece I picked out + I knew it was perfect.

If you’ve never worn a wrap dress before, you slip it on like a robe. There’s an inside button where the left side attaches under the right. The right then comes over to tie in a bow. I did have to do a bit of DIYing to the neck line–it plunged a bit more than I would like. A few stitches fixed the problem in no time.

I cannot wait to find other wrap dresses to wear on repeat this summer. So classy, yet so fun!


Wedding Series: For The Guests

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Shop this look, here!

Wedding season is SO busy for all of us, but so exciting! T + I are heading to Atlanta for a wedding this evening + we are so excited. Being a guest to a wedding 54 days out from my own will be such a fun experience to put myself in the shoes of all of my guests. It will be so much fun to celebrate + shower some of our favorite people tomorrow night!

When planning a wedding, sometimes we forget our guests. YES, the day is 100% about the two of us, but our friends and family are such a big part of it, as well. Because of this, I’m sharing tips for the guests in this edition of my wedding series! Check out my top tips below!



Each bride has an idea in mind of what she would like her guests to dress in. Each wedding theme has a different style to match, but should never include the color white, unless directed by the bride!


The dress featured below is what I will be wearing to a cocktail attire wedding tomorrow evening. If the bride requests cocktail attire, the guy should wear a suit, or dress slacks + a sportscoat. The gal should choose a nicer dress, hitting at the knee. This attire is a mix between classy + sheik, but not formalwear.


Beach or Garden Party

Beach or Garden Party is the attire that I have listed for my own wedding. Of course, this style matches with my beach wedding, but I wanted to be sure I included garden as an option, as well. I envision all types of sun dresses, maxis, jumpsuits, each a fun summer color. If a bride asks for this type of attire, the guy should choose to wear  dress slacks with no tie or jacket, khaki colored slacks, or maybe even a fun colored summer pair. The gal should choose a flowy or relaxed dress that hits at the knees, or a long maxi. Shoes are optional! *hehehe* I’ve put together a few options below!

Untitled design (1).jpg

Untitled design (2).jpgUntitled design (3).jpg

Black Tie

Black tie is the most formal of all attire options. This makes for an extremely formal + elegant wedding. If I would have had a December wedding, I would have opted for this type of attire. If the bride asks for black tie attire, the guy should choose a nice black suit, complete with a tie. The gal should opt for a long formal dress, usually something with a simple design.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 3.17.37 PM      Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 3.16.25 PM          Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 3.20.50 PM.png


This attire can be tricky–casual does mean casual, but not too casual. If a bride requests this attire, she envisions a laid back crowd, but still wants her wedding to be classy. If the bride asks for casual attire, the guy should pair khakis with a nice button down or polo. The gal should opt for a casual dress with natural hair + makeup.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.13.03 PM                          Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.14.16 PM                        Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.13.42 PM


Wedding etiquette is learned by attending weddings, but if a guest has never been, it might be smart to refresh old “wedding rules”!

Cell Phones 

Our cell phones keep us connected with the outside world + I am so thankful for their invention. However, it is so easy to want to pick up + snap pictures with. This might make a bride lose her mind. She is paying a photographer 1,000+ to get great shots of her day. When every guest is up snapping, the photographer is unable to get her shot. I will probably ask one or two people to snap a few candids, just to have, but the majority of guests should save their pictures for after the ceremony.


RSVPing is so important! This allows your bride + groom to accurately prepare for food, gifts, chairs, tables, cake, ect. Try to RSVP as soon as you receive an invitation! This will help ease the bride + groom’s wedding stress + WHAT a great gift to give by doing so!! *hehehe*


Okay, fun fact about me–I HATE to be early for an event. Funny, right? Most people hate to be late. I prefer to be right on rime. When showing up late to a wedding, the attention is focused on the door opening + guests might miss something as important as the unity candle. Make sure to map the venue address the night before, so that you aren’t crashing someones’s party.

Do. Not. Wear. White.

This one should be obvious, however, unless the bride specifies that she would like white attire at her ceremony, do not wear white. This day is for the bride to wear her white gown + deserves to be the only gal in the room wearing white. Stay away from ivories, as well. The more color, the better 🙂

Don’t Be Too Chatty

This one is for my Sweet T. *hehehe* Of course, the bride + groom want to see + chat with you on their big day! This will be some of what they remember the most. However, don’t be the Chatty Cathy at the reception. There are so many people they have to get around to, with their families at the top of that list. You are so important to the couple, but there will be so many people to get around to!

Be Mindful of Social Media

Make sure to take note of the social media trend at a wedding. Do they have a hashtag? This probably means they don’t mind you posting pictures to social media. Side note: we had so much fun creating our hashtag, #MrWhiteFoundMrsRight, + cannot wait to see all of our guests use it. However, some brides may prefer you to not post pictures of her to social media before she has a chance to. You know your friend, so be sure to follow what you would think they would be most comfortable with.


Being a guest to a wedding means that either the bride + groom or their families think highly of you. They want you to experience the biggest day of their life alongside them + love each guest so much. There is a ton that goes into planning + fulfilling a wedding. The big day will be full of excitement for them, which you will get to share in.

Weddings are beautiful, emotional, HUGE steps for the bride + groom. This is a day they will remember every detail of for their entire lives. Jump in on the fun + shed some love on the two lovebirds as they begin their life together.



Spring To Summer Pajama Sets





Sleep is one of my top three priorities of self-care. If I don’t get enough sleep I’m either super cranky or falling asleep throughout the day. In order for me to be productive throughout my day, I have to be rested. Anyone else?!

Comfy PJs are so important for a good night’s sleep, at least for me. I have one favorite t-shirt that is on repeat, but I also LOVE a quality set. There is just something about taking a hot shower, slipping into comfy pajamas + crawling into a made bed.

Every Christmas Eve, the girlies in our family get matching pjs. These are perfect for the Winter months, but I have been searching for lighter options lately.

This featured pair is from Old Navy + they are currently my go-tos. The material is so light + so airy, that it feels like sleeping in clouds—I’m not exaggerating here, either. *hehehe* The sweet little bottoms have the cutest silk bow to tie in the front, making you feel less of slob when you roll out of the bed in the morning. *winky face*

In my recent search, I have found so many options that I can’t wait to link below! Check them out + be sure to send an email over if you have any questions!