happy monday, y’all!

i hope your work week is off to a positive start, and you are quickly getting back into the groove. warming up for mine, i grabbed a cardigan to throw over my scrubs, and man oh man am i thankful.

cardigans are a perfect addition for any outfit. a perfect transition when you take off your heavy jacket, a cardi will keep your arms toasty all day. check out my favorite five, all UNDER $50, all listed in the color gray…*my favorite, after pink, of course ;-)*


1// Target’s Heather Belted Open Cardigan – A New Day™

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.58.26 AM

this cardi is less than $25, y’all // perfect for a dressy outfit or can be thrown over a t-shirt with jeans for a casual outing // get it, here.

2// CiChic’s Plain Pockets Round Neck Long Sleeve Casual Cardigan 

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.59.38 AM

coming from an off-brand site, this cardigan has actually blown me away // the quality for under $30 is amazing // i ordered my usual size and it came in as a perfect fit // grab this cutie, here.

3// Old Navy’s Shawl-Collar Open-Front Cardi

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.59.42 AM

old navy never disappoints // this superrr soft cardi is another long length option // paired with a pair of brown riding boots and a simple sweater, this cardi completes a perfect brunch look // snag it for under $40, here.

4// Urban’s BDG Charlie Dolman Cardi

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.59.46 AM

urban is one of my all-time favorite retailers // you really can’t go wrong with any of their timeless selections // this cardi is on sale for under $40, reg $60 // pick it up, here.

5// H&M’s Rib-Knit Cardi

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.59.56 AM

h&m is a perfect retailer to find low priced, all the rave clothing // when i picked this cardi up back in the fall, i had it in mind for only one outfit // i have been completely blown away at how many different styles i have been able to pair it with // for just under $40, this cardi is a MUST HAVE // get it, here.


stay cozy and happy browsing ツ



makeup is one of my top interests. i love getting new pieces, and for that reason, i recently signed up for ipsy. to give y’all the low down, i will complete an in-depth review of each bag, each month.

because i won’t receive my first bag until mid jan., i decided to do a review/listing of all of my current fav products. these pieces are my everyday go-tos, and i honestly don’t know if i could live without them. i will post links to each product.

to preface, mac is my most favorite makeup vendor. mostly because i have superrrr dry skin and their products seem to cater to my skin type. this sounds so bragy to say, (not that kind of chic, folks), but i often have people stop me to telling me how nice my complexion is (literally cringing at the braginess). the fact is, my mother’s mother’s mother passed down a long line of clear complexion *thank you, jesus*.

happy reading !! ツ


// Foundation \\

although i don’t have bouts with ache or oil, i do have a very red undertone that i would almost self-diagnose as rosacea without the bumps. for this reason, i prefer foundations with strong over colors. studio fix fluid by mac is just that. this foundation smooths my face to complete color evenness. not to mention its spf feature. tanning is a breeze!

the website lists it as an oil controller, but i have never had an issue with my dry skin! get it here.


// Powder \\

again, mac wins the race. in order to set my foundation, i need the perfect power. studio fix perfecting powder in medium shade is my go to! get it here.


// Blush \\

blush is one of my top makeup favs. this mineralize blush in warm soul by mac leaves me with major heart eyes. this is the perfect addition for any medium skin tone! snag this bad boy here.


// Contour \\

contouring is all the rave. this Shade + Light palette by Kat Von D is major goals. i use the levitation shade to highlight under my blush, and the lucid shade for right above, under my eyes. i also use lucid to highlight my nose and forehead.

this palette makes my fav list due to its refillable inserts. get the palette here, and get the refills later here.


// Eye Shadow \\

when i find a product i love, i never let it go. i’ve used this particular eyeshadow palette since i was sixteen. so addicted. this Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette works perfectly for my love of nude shades. white chocolate and maripan shades are my favs.

not to mention it’s only $50 and lasts foreverrrr. get it, here.


// Brows \\

anastasia beverly hills DIPBROW™ Pomade is life. using the matching, double ended brow brush, brows are a breeze. get your shade here.

BeFunky Collage

// Lashes \\

a mix of both worlds, (drugstore/big brand), BareMinerals and Maybelline are my two favs. with a base of lash domination and a top layer of lash sensational, your lashes are guaranteed to be rocking.

for lash domination, go here. for lash sensational, go here.

BeFunky Collage

// Brushes \\

admittedly my FAV to browse for, i love brushes. i got the BS-MALL brushes for christmas, and i’m honestly blown away. these puppies are ONLY $10, here. for such a low price point, they get the job done nicely, and are wayyyy cheaper than kylie’s $360 set.

for my eyeshadow, i love this simple mac eyeshadow brush. i got it in a christmas set last year and cannot seem to find it on the web. however, you can find a list of equally amazing mac eye brushes, here.


// Lips \\

last, but  n e v e r  least, top it off with a lip. i love all of mac’s lip products, and for the price, they last a long time.

this featured one is from the nicki minaj line, but has sold out. there are two ADORABLE shades left, and wait for it…they are ONLY $10 RIGHT NOW. go here, like immediately.


makeup is never necessary, and i appreciate and praise natural looks. but, every woman knows how it is to feel like a princess on the town in her best makeup.

these are my favorites, and i would love to hear yours!

*p.s. comment below if you would like to see a YouTube version of my makeup routine*



welcome to memphis, where it’s 70 on monday and -10 on friday. it has been so incredibly cold the past week that icicles could grow on my eyelashes! running too and from the car leaves you shivering and reaching for the snuggliest blanket you own.

but, there’s more…the bitter cold doesn’t just leave you with a red nose…it leaves you with insane boredom. with lots of freezing days ahead, i decided to think of five inside activities and form them into a Chilly Day To-Do List; why not share with all of you guys?! *winks*

1 // Organize Your Space

closet // maybe it’s just me, but i love love love getting out of bed, getting ready, and having an organized closet selection to pull from. this past week, i shut myself into my closet with a speaker and cup of coffee and got to work. i found this PERFECT shoe rack for under $10 at IKEA. i snagged two and my total was less than $15. i admit, having my shoes off the floor helped a great deal.


bathroom // i have been meaning to make room for a makeup vanity for over a year. because i haven’t, there is always makeup cluttering my very small bathroom counter. after a trip to my favorite browsing store, TjMaxx, i found the perfect makeup organizer. all under $15, and they always have so many selections.



*bonus, i found this sweetest little cactus bracelet holder while browsing. seriously, in  l o v e *


after TjMaxx, i hopped on to Target. *swoon* what girl doesn’t  L O V E  a trip to Target?! of course, i wouldn’t pass the dollar section even if i was running late (can you imagine how mad this makes T? hehehe), and i found $3 MAKEUP ORGANIZERS. of course, these can’t be found online, but visit your nearest Target for the biggest steal!

kitchen // my kitchen is so so so small. under the sink seems to be a catch all for cleaning supplies, plastic bags, and who knows what else. in order to get the mountain to a molehill, i found the cutest baskets at TjMaxx. i can actually find my lunchbox when i need it!

2 // Closet Cleanout

who doesn’t have that dress from 2015 that you swore you would wear again, but it’s basically just a dust-bunny collector? *guilty as charged*

in an attempt to make room for new Christmas gifted clothes, a cold day made to be a perfect time to clear out my stuffed closet. i’m typically an optimistic person, (hoarder of clothes, so T says), so i had to give myself two rules:

rule #1 // if you haven’t worn it in six months, chances are you won’t wear it in the next. see ya sucker! rule #2 // sister, that bbq stain isn’t coming out after three tries. take the loss and treat yourself to a little online shopping to replace. same thing goes for that precious sweater with the rip; you probably won’t have the time to fix it—out it goes!

3 // Rearrange + Redecorate 

so, it’s mid jan. and your Christmas decor is all packed away…is it just me, or does your space not feel super empty? quick fix: rearrange your furniture. place your couch somewhere you haven’t tried, or maybe move that piece of wall art across the room. if you can’t seem to find inspiration, check out @smpliving on insta!

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 2.03.23 PM

4 // Read a Book

i know, reading a book with a cup of coffee is probably already on your to-do list. on your next chilly  day at home, actually do it! as the new year kicks off, many of you are looking for a self-improvement read. you absolutely cannot go wrong with Karen Ehman’s “Keep it Shut“. talk about major reality check! get that Pike’s Place roast a-brewing and grab your fuzziest throw!

5 // Write a Letter

one of my favorite suggestions for a chilly day is to send fun mail. sounds so silly, but when was the last time you got the mail from the box and actually found something FUN? ask your closest friends for their address and send them a cute postcard. decorate the envelop with pretty lettering, grab a stamp, and sprint to the mailbox to send it out.


i hope all of your toesies stay warm this winter! comment your favorite chilly day suggestion below.



goals have always been a center in my life. the easiest way to track your progress on anything is to set a goal and check its status periodically. it seems as though 2017 was the year that everyone’s goals fell flat, including my own.

self-reflection is key in personal growth, so before 2018 rolls in tomorrow, i took the time to sit down, pray, and think about the areas in which my goals fell flat in 2017. in 2018, i want to make sure that these areas, + some, are goal oriented so that i can look back a year from now and be proud of 2018. here are a few of my most prioritized goals for the new year:

Brush it Off 

if anyone holds tight to words, its me. i overthink every syllable of every word. this gets my heart into biggg trouble. after an argument or disagreement, i will think through the situation over and over again until my heart bleeds. “brush it off” is a saying that my sweet t giles utters to me at least three times a week. in 2018, i am setting a goal to tell my heart to brush it off, and only worry about a situation for no longer than 30 minutes. this will likely be the biggest goal to tackle of them all.

“Shake off the dust from your feet.” // Matthew 10:14

Appreciate the Small Wins

in my life and leadership, it is so easy to focus on the large goal at hand. i often find myself celebrating a small win for only a short amount of time, if none at all. once i obtain the large goal, i find my morale is so low i cant truly celebrate, because i am so worn out. in 2018, i am setting a goal to stop and celebrate the small wins that all add up to the big win. endurance, sister, endurance.

“Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don’t have.” // Ecclesiastes 6:9 

+ Self Image

wowzers. this is the number one goal i promised myself i’d achieve in 2017. long story short, i only got farther away. our society presses us to look a certain way to be happy. my oh my, how i have believed this lie. i’m sure most of you have fallen victim to peeking into a glass window in passing, being shocked by what you see; a hair out of place, lip stick on your teeth, bloated from lunch, ect. how often do we find ourselves comparing our style/body type/hair color/ect to others in life, when in reality, we weren’t made to be the same as anyone else. in 2018, i’m challenging myself to accept my flaws, and learn to appreciate who He made me to be, at all times.

“You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.” // Song of Solomon 4:7

Take More Me/Me + Jesus Time

oops. so, it’s recruitment week and i forgot to eat for a whole day. or, oh man, this assignment is due on friday, so i haven’t really focused during my time with jesus this week. *ouch, GUILTY!* TIME FOR JUST YOU IS NEEDED. in 2017, or really the last three years, i have forgotten to slow down and just sit. my mind constantly runs on what has to be completed in all areas of my life, but seems to not think that recharging is a thing. in 2018, i am challenging myself to take at least an hour a day to focus on self/spiritual health.

“Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him.” // Psalms 62:1

Go to Lunch

josh wylie, a great friend given to me through my time as an orientation guide, has asked me to coffee for at least six months straight. we both enthusiastically agree each time, but then life gets in the way. life goes by way too fast, and i’m not really sure what has taken me this long to stop and really feel that in my soul. in 2018, i am setting a goal to plan out each lunch/coffee/hangout request as soon i am asked. friends and family are such precious blessings in my life, and i refuse to go another year letting life getting in the way of some of the best moments.

“9 Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: 
10 If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.” // Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Dont Settle

how many times has your mother told you to not settle for less? she’s right, again! we’ve all had that one friend who takes and takes, never giving any in return. or maybe we’re stuck in a job that we hate. *disclosure…i love my job, but i have been unhappy in the past*. often, in retrospect, i find that i’m settling for less in important areas of my life. in 2018, i am setting a goal to not settle for anything less than what i know is right.

“The Spirit of God whets our appetite by giving us a taste of what’s ahead. He puts a little of heaven in our hearts so that we’ll never settle for less.” // 2 Corinthians 5:5

Ditch the Timeline

oh my goodness gracious! having a life plan to go to medical school + become a surgeon has caused my life to revolve on this never-ending timeline. take this class then, volunteer at this time, do research in this semester, blah…blah…blah. yes, becoming a medical doctor has been the largest dream in my life, and i am most thankful for the experience i am gaining as an er scribe. but, good lord, living on a timeline keeps you so emotionally restricted. this is a goal that i’ve already started working towards. instead of thinking of the next big thing you have to complete, focus on those small steps. you have a family event this weekend? heck yeah! you can focus on that assignment due on friday when you get home. life will go on like a steam roller, even after you have reached your career goal; don’t get lost on the climb.

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” // Matthew 6:34


i hope that sharing my goals for 2018 has inspired you to sit down and think of your own. here’s to a super fun, super pretty, super PINK year!!



hi! welcome to my blog. before i start actually blogging, i’d love to give my viewers a look into who i am.

i’m so glad you found; i’m sure we’ll be besties!

for me, blogging has been a goal on that long list of “to-dos” we all have, for a few years. i love love love to write, and after my soon-to-be sis in law, Tyler, started her blogging journey with, i finally jumped in.

my life is such a crazy whirlwind that i find myself often googling blog posts for quiet, me time, and i’m so excited to be putting my own pen to paper…i mean, fingers to keys hehehe. i hope that my background will help to understand where my words, thoughts, and feelings come from and how they affect me before i share with anyone else.

so, a little bit about me. my full name is brianna michelle frost, but my family and friends just call me b. i will be 21 whole years old in february 2018. i was born in a small, rural town of arkansas, and after graduating high school, i moved to memphis for college. #901forlife !! i am currently working on a dual biology and chemistry major and a minor in sociology. after medical school, i one day hope to become a pediatric surgeon.

in my free time, i give hugs and kisses to my (not so sweet) pup, baxley marie. in my other free time, i serve as the president of my sorority, Sigma Kappa,’s beta xi chapter at the UofM.

i love love love leadership and serving my peers through several other on-campus organizations. i see my leadership as a platform to serve and share about the faithfulness of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

in my other other free time, (hehehe, see what i meant by whirlwind?!) i am an emergency department scribe for Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare.

i hope this gives you all a look into who i am, and i cannot wait to share my highs and lows of life with each of you!