Dear Santa: This One’s For The Traveler

Cyber Monday has come + gone for 2018…MAN, has this year flown by. I am slightly sad that our wedding year is almost over, but we will be traveling for the next six weekends, so I’m also so very excited! Christmas is my favorite Holiday + season, in general. I love driving around to lookContinue reading “Dear Santa: This One’s For The Traveler”

Cyber Monday Sale Central

Haaaappy Cyber Monday, y’all! Today is the largest online shopping day of the entire year + I have major heart eyes at all the listed sales! From fashion to beauty to lifestyle, there is a markdown on almost everything you could click on throughout the inter-webs. In order to give you guys a central locationContinue reading “Cyber Monday Sale Central”

Dear Santa: This One’s For The Girls

We are halfway through November + there are NO complaints from me! One month from today, I’ll be in NYC checking off my #1 bucket list trip. I’ve been to the city, but never at Christmas time + I am just dying to get there! Enough about that, already–here’s my first guide of the season! Continue reading “Dear Santa: This One’s For The Girls”

DIY: Special Date Christmas Ornament

It’s here: my the first Christmas related DIY! *heart eyes* I am so excited to share this with you guys. This one is so special to me, since it was my first Christmas ornament gift to my sweet T. It marked our official “dating” date, June 10, 2015, which is when we exclusively declared ourselvesContinue reading “DIY: Special Date Christmas Ornament”