Wedding Series: How I Asked My Best Gal To Be My Maid of Honor

****** As soon as a girl gets her ring, she starts to think of how and when to gather up her bride tribe. There are so many options out there + with the help of etsy, you can whip something up in a day. Being the President of a sorority, there were 50+ women IContinue reading “Wedding Series: How I Asked My Best Gal To Be My Maid of Honor”

Wedding Series: Guide To Ceremony Programs

Wedding programs are an aspect every bride has to decide whether or not to include. When attending a wedding, I love to grab a program, so that I am aware of what will take place + when. Not only are they essential for many guests, but they also make a sweet keepsake for the weddingContinue reading “Wedding Series: Guide To Ceremony Programs”

Wedding Series: Sweatin’ For The Weddin’

If you know me, adding exercise to my crazy life has been so hard for me. I have struggled with eating healthy + putting effort into my workouts since I’ve started college. Hi gals, Freshman 15 is real. Can I get an amen? When I went wedding dress shopping I was determined to find aContinue reading “Wedding Series: Sweatin’ For The Weddin’”