DIY: Fall Garland

I’m begging T to let me put up my Christmas tree, but he’s made me promise that I’ll at least wait until November. Wellllll, here it is, November 1 + I am more than ready to pull my decor out. However, he is right about judgement looks from neighbors if I were to throw itContinue reading “DIY: Fall Garland”

Halloween With Walmart

It’s Spooky-Day, yaaay! I have food poisoning, of all things, but can’t wait to see all the little ones in their costumes, then curl up on my couch to watch the one+only Hocus Pocus! This precious bell-sleeved flannel is from…WALMART. My middle school self is cringing. hehe Featured Bowl: Here! Shop The Full Look, here! I neverContinue reading “Halloween With Walmart”

Teeth Whitening At Home With Smile Brilliant

Wedding planning took a TOLL on my beauty standards. Gearing up for the biggest day of my beauty life + I took a few shortcuts in the process. As many of you know, Tyler tackled my hair, while a family friend did my makeup for our wedding day. Other than these two shortcuts, I wantedContinue reading “Teeth Whitening At Home With Smile Brilliant”

DIY: Candy Corn Halloween Decoration

Halloween is in 10 days, say whaaat?! I feel like it should still be March. T + I were chatting with a friend yesterday + we both can’t even believe our wedding happened this year. Time, please slow down! Y’all know my love for DIYs + I’m bringing you another one this week! **if youContinue reading “DIY: Candy Corn Halloween Decoration”

DIY: Transform Brick With German Smear

WOW, I can’t believe I’m finally getting to share this project with y’all! This was our first #homeimprovement project + let me tell ya–want to test your marriage? Do a DIY project together hahaha! Really though, T helped out SO much with this. I’m just the type of gal who is up for ANY DIYContinue reading “DIY: Transform Brick With German Smear”

Fall Trend: Layered Dress Looks

Happy Fall, y’all! I cannot believe it has come this fast! + I’ve been married for three whole months..whaaat?! I am slowly pulling my Fall styles out + one trend is 100% my fav: layering. I love to style turtlenecks under cardigans, riding boots over skinny jeans, you name it! But, my absolute favorite fromContinue reading “Fall Trend: Layered Dress Looks”

Game Day Style: Tiger Blue + White

Memphis Tiger Football is in my top five favorite things. I love the lights, the noise, Tom the Tiger…but most importantly, I especially love the game of football. From a little tot, my dad instilled in me to appreciate the game. Maybe it was an American past time that he knew I would be better byContinue reading “Game Day Style: Tiger Blue + White”

Perfecting Your Tan With Sally Hansen

Self tanner is something I haven’t often used in my lifetime. I am overly blessed with skin that tans easily + keeps its tan throughout the year. There have been times, however, when I needed an extra boost + have absolutely loved using Sally Hansen products. Sally Hansen has a wide range of products +Continue reading “Perfecting Your Tan With Sally Hansen”