2019 Holiday Gift Guides

Hi, pals!! I have missed “seeing” y’all over the last few months!! School is a full time job + on top of applying to grad school (new development before medical school), my ER scribing job, and spending time with my pups + T–wooo!

Buttt, I had my upper wisdom teeth emergently extracted yesterday (was not planned lol), so I have plenty of couch time planned which means time for gift guides!! Christmas is quickly approaching + I’m so excited to be back for a while, sharing all my finds. I love putting these posts together every year + it gives TG a place to find all my wishes 😉

This year, I’ll be doing the gift guides a little different–instead of posting individual posts, I’ll just be listing them all here, on this page. As the season progresses, I’ll continue to update my finds! + no worries, there will 100% be a separate post dedicated to Black Friday sales!

So, look no further–check out my first two gift guides below, plus a sneak peak of what the next guide will cover 😉


Dear Santa: This One’s for the Traveler

Landscape Photo with Border Your Story.jpg

1// Charging Luggage Tag 2// Ice Roller 3// Moisturizing Towelettes 4// Carry-On Luggage 5// Packing Cubes 6// Travel Wallet 7// Travel Backpack 8// Hair Scarf

1// Ever been in an airport + had to squeeze into one of those tiny charging ports?! This gift solves that problem by giving you both a travel tag + a charger!

2// Ice rollers are from heavennnnn, I’m convinced! Currently using one to help with my wisdom teeth swelling, but I love carrying mine along with me when I travel–they are so calming if you’re taking a late flight!

3// Three words–dry airplane air. Say no more, these make such a perfect gift for the coworker you know is traveling home for the Holidays!

4// HOLY HEART EYES–this piece of carry-on luggage would literally be a dream gift. Love love love so much!

5// Every traveler should have a set of packing cubes! These are under $20 + are so very cute!

6// Okay, ever been attempting to board your flight + can’t find the right boarding pass?! Ask for this travel wallet + be organized before you even leave home.

7// OKAY MY NUMBER ONE WISH–hellooooo TG :)–this precious backpack would be so perfect to throw all of your personal items in for flights. Also, it doubles as a perfect sized bag to carry around for sightseeing! Please, Santa?

8// Hair scarves are perfect when traveling–throw your hair half up to get it out of your eyes + add the hair scarf you’ve styled on your Travel Backpack for an extra kick 🙂


Dear Santa: Check My Amazon Cart

              Gifts from Amazon under $25

Landscape Photo with Border Your Story copy.jpg

1// Packing Cubes 2// Dupe Belts 3// Ice Roller 4// Makeup Brushes 5// David Yurman Dupe Bracelet 6// Louis Vuitton Dupe Watch Band 7// LV Dupe Makeup Bag 8// Cozy Slippers 

1// Again, with the packing cubes! $15 for seven pieces!

2// These belts are staples, can be styled with literally everything, and with a white + black belt for only $16!! This is a steal + would be perfect for any gal pal in your life!

3// Ice rollers are from heavennnnn, I’m convinced! Currently using one to help with my wisdom teeth swelling, but I love carrying mine along with me when I travel–they are so calming if you’re taking a late flight!

4// I’ve used this brand of makeup brushes since 2016 + am still in love! I’m especially keen to this pink + gold set! *heart eyes*

5// This DY dupe is such high quality! Would be perfect gift for girl’s secret santa!!

6// Heeeelllo, beauty! I absolutely love this Louis Vuitton dupe apple watch band! The quality is great for the price + no one will ever know its a dupe! Perfect for girl’s secret santa!!

7// Again with a dupe! Love this large sized makeup bag. Such a great price.

8// These slippers have over 10,000 reviews on Amazon! Adding to my own cart right now 🙂


Dear Santa: This One’s For My Momma

Copy of Landscape Photo with Border Your Story.jpg

1// Tiny Dutch Oven 2// Barefoot Dreams Blanket 3// MacKenzie Childs Strainer 4// Cozy Vest 5// Agate Gold Edged Coasters 6// Lipstick 7// Woven Basket 8// Kendra Scott Earrings 9// Roses Candle

1// How cute is this tiny dutch oven?! Every cooking momma needs one! Easy to travel with for holiday dishes.

2// Helllllo cozy!! Anything Barefoot Dreams is always heavenly, so this blanket is sure to be a showstopper! Literally feels soft as butter hahaha

3// In  l o v e  with this MacKenzie Child’s strainer! Handcrafted + perfect for counter displays! Great price point for a high quality gift, as well.

4// Vests are always a win + this one is insulated! So cute in white.

5// Agate coasters are a perfect way to add a little flare to a living space! Super cute for a reasonable price tag.

6// There are so many 5 star reviews on this lipstick! ANYthing Urban Decay has my vote!

7// Baskets errrrywhere! Love this huge one from World Market

8// The most timeless gift

9// This candle is a liiiittle pricer than most, but this fragrance is to. die. for. Absolutely love!


Dear Santa: This One’s For The Girls–Under $15

Copy of Copy of Landscape Photo with Border Your Story (1).jpg

      1// 8 Pairs of Earrings 2// Leopard Socks 3// Cozy Scarf 4// Leather Bag 5// Trinket Tray        6// Hanging Plant 7// LV Dupe Bracelet 8// Hanging Travel Personal Bag

1// EIGHT pairs of acrylic earrings for $15?! Any gal in your life would love! HEART EYES!

2// The cutest socks + four pairs for $12!!

3// High quality scarf for a low price point! $11!

4// This leather bag is my favorite find of 2019! Absolutely love the quality + number of reviews. $15!

5// This little trinket tray would be perfect for a small gift to a coworker! $5!

6// A hanging plant makes such a great gift for secret santa! + at only $8, its a no-brainer!

7// OkAy, heellllo love! This bracelet gives me allll the Louis Vuitton vibes + it is only $12!

8// Ever been in a tiny Airbnb bathroom in NYC?! Let me tell you, getting all of your hygiene products in such a small space is near impossible. This hanging bag would be perfect for any traveling friend! $9!


Dear Santa: My Stocking Stuffer ListCopy of Copy of Landscape Photo with Border Your Story (1).jpg

  1// Makeup Brushes 2// Elf Concealer 3// Bubble Bath 4// TeleTies 5// Beauty Blender Holder 6// Makeup Eraser 7// Acrylic Earring Holder 8// Glossier Lip Gloss


Dear Santa: Guide for the Amazon Prime Lover Pt 2

Copy of Copy of Landscape Photo with Border Your Story (1) copy.jpg

  1// Rtic Cup 2// Ugg Slipper Dupes 3// Echo Dot 4// Gucci Earring Dupe 5// Hair Clips        6// Water Flosser 7// Single Serve Blender 8// Hermes Bracelet Dupe

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