Okay, so concealer is SO important. It’s in my top five MUST HAVE makeup products + could not live without it. I must admit, I’m a coffee addicted college chick, who has major baggage… + by baggage, I mean that my undereyes are the color of the dark night. HELP.

To all my college gals who haven’t tried a concealer, give it a go + get back to me! hahaha So, all that to say, I was so excited when elfCosmetics sent over this package with two concealers! Let me tell ya, I love trying new products, since I’ve used Mac for 10 years. It’s always nice to have a quality dupe of a high end product readily available, in case of emergencies.

So, that’s where I started before I tried elf’s 16HR Camo Concealer. Low expectations, happy about the price. This has since changed, however, and I am obsessed. I am currently wearing the concealer + can’t even tell I have it on. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been victimized by cakey concealer! Me me me!! 

To begin my review, the packaging is excellent. I love branding that allows me to see the product without ripping the package open in the middle of Target LOL. Minimal packaging also equals great things for the environment.


I was also struck by the ease of application, as it includes a wand! Another plus. As a bonus, I’ve recently found that using cosmetic wedges are SO much better than beauty blenders. Not to mention, you can get like 100 in one package at the dollar store. So, I applied the concealer to my face with the wand + used my trusty wedge to blend it out.


Application Technique. Awkward face loool


The only negative I’ll give here is the creaminess. I felt like it was almost too thin. In response to this, I just used a little less product…which, I guess is a plus, as it will last longer. It blended in quickly + I gave it a quick second to soak in. After that, I applied my full face of makeup, which I’m sharing unfiltered below!




Overall, I am shocked at how high quality this $5 concealer is, y’all. Shocked + obsessed. I would highly recommend trying it, if only once. Shop the concealer now, for $5, by tapping the picture below :))



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