Custom Cases: CaseApp Review

Custom anything grabs my attention, but custom iPhone + Mac skins?! I was immediately drawn in. When CaseApp contacted me about a review of their product, I was already in love. I had surfed their website + found so many adorable cases–I actually thought about buying one straight out instead of collabing because the ease of the website and on-point designs were something I didn’t want to pass up! Y’all know me + a quality product! hahaha

Which is why I was so pumped to finish this review + get it live to you gals as soon as I could! Check out my thoughts on the entire process of creating custom cases below! If ya stick around to the end, there might even be dets on a giveaway! heart eyes


To begin, I designed an iPhone case. The process was incredibly easy + FUN. When navigating to their website, here, you immediately have the choice to either design your own case or browse from the selection of pre-made. I highly recommend designing your own, as it was so cool to receive a product I made–flashback to elementary art class! I crack myself UP lol

The process of designing goes a little something like this: to start, you choose your iPhone size. Mine is a 7+, so I clicked that option and off we went to the design studio. I simply Google searched “abstract blush and dots background” + surfed until I found a design I liked. I screenshot the design and pulled it into the design studio. The system crops the photo for you, but you’re able to adjust to your idea of perfect. I chose not to use clipart, but there is a large selection of precious options, as well as a text feature, if you wanted to add your name/initials/a quote.

After you’ve completed the design, a quick “add to cart” selection places your piece into your shopping cart. You can continue on to creating a Mac skin, or checkout!



Instead of checking out, I continued on to create a Mac skin. Again, the first step is to follow the link to their website and choose Create a Skin. The process is identical to creating the phone case. This time I searched “Dalmatian black spot background” on Google + a million options came up. I simply screenshot the one I liked best and pulled it into the design studio–same process from there!

After both were added to my cart, I checked out + the case and skin were at my door a week later!



Something that meant more to me than designing my own case was the durability of the product. I don’t share anything that I don’t feel is quality with you guys + this would be no different. However, the quality of both products took me by absolute surprise.

When I first saw that the Mac skin wasn’t an actual case, I was afraid to continue designing. But, when I placed the skin on my laptop, I knew I wouldn’t ever go back to a clip-on case. The material CaseApp uses to produce skins is a hard, textured material, that honestly feels like a hard case. The difference for me was, when I have a hard shell case on my laptop, the screen is always weighed down + I’m constantly pulling it up. With the skin, it’s stick on + incredibly light so it doesn’t feel like there’s anything even on the device. However, I know for a fact the skin would protect the outside of my screen, 100%.

On to the phone case–I am amazed. Again, I thought that a $34 designed case would not stand up to my standards, but holy cow. This case feels tough as nails! The material is not flimsy + is not easily bent. The outside is hard, but the inside is soft and cradles the phone perfectly. Y’all–I will be ordering like three more of these. I hardly ever rave about a product, but this gives every reason to rave!


CaseApp is crazy awesome. The website is easily navigable, the products are of outstanding quality, the customer service reps are quick to answer, I could go on and on! I absolutely loved this experience of creating my own custom iPhone case and Mac skin + I know you will, too!

That’s why I’m partnering with CaseApp to provide a 20% off code + a GIVEAWAY! The code is ALLTHINGSPRETTYANDPINK20 + the giveaway details will be announced on my Instagram feed later this week! Ya won’t want to miss it! 🙂



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