Pampering With Fizz Facial Bar

Raise your hand if facials give you actual life? I absolutely love a good facial + go about three times a year. I know, I should probably go more, but I treat them like pampering for special occasions. When I do have a chance to go, I enjoy every second + leave feeling like a queen.







If you’ve ever gotten a facial you know how great or how not so great it can go. You build yourself up for a pampering experience + get super chatty Cathy or rough Rhonda? Or maybe every facial you’ve received before has been heavenly. Whatever your past experience, you will always leave with a bright glow + feel so good about yourself at Fizz Facial Bar in Jonesboro!

During my visit last year, I chose the HydraCalm facial, which worked to calm the redness my skin is known for. My Esthetician, Bridget, even taught me something I didn’t know–the redness I had been experiencing for so long was actually a result of some sort inflammation. Whether from sunburns, makeup reactions, or even too hot water–the redness is calmed when the inflammation is calmed.

Private treatment room.

After a treatment with the MySkinBuddy, an advanced facial cleansing system utilizing red light therapy, I was on cloud-nine. Bridget used several masks designed to both calm my red areas + tighten areas that needed a boost.

Nearing the end of my treatment, my Esthetician introduced me to CyroGlobes. *major heart eyes* The frozen balls of glass are used to further calm the redness + inflammation. At first, the globes were so cold that I jumped when she placed them on my cheeks. It took a minute to adjust to the temperature, but when I did, I could actually feel my face begin to calm + tighten up.

CyroGlobes in action.

Following the globes, sunscreen was applied to complete my treatment. This would be the one aspect I would have left out, solely because of the thickness it left on my face. However, it was 75+ degrees and sunny, so I 100% understand the necessity!

There are so many options at Fizz + I cannot wait to go back and choose another. If you live in the area, you absolutely must go by for a gal’s day–Tyler + I had a great time! If you’re a loyal follower from the Memphis area, it’s just a quick 45 minute drive over to Jonesboro + I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Check them out at 2810 East Highland Drive, Jonesboro, AR.

Check out their website, here!


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