1 Year as a Blogger

CHEERS, y’all! I’ve had “blogger” in my personal description for 365 whole days. This has been the greatest year of my entire life, for so many reasons, and blogging has most definitely played a part in that.

When I think that tomorrow is a new year, this time I’m a little sad. 2018 has held so many big things for T + I and I guess I’m just not ready to let it go yet. Sounds silly, I know. In honor of 2019 coming whether I want it to or not, I wanted to share a small recap of the highs and lows that I’ve shared with y’all this year.


At the end of 2017, my best sister friend took a leap of Faith + started a blog. Blogging, for me, had always been on my bucket list, but I was so scared to actually begin, for some reason. When Tyler started, however, I knew that I wouldn’t be alone if I just took the first step. Annnnnd, the rest is history! So thankful for her early encouragement + that we’ve gotten to share these memories together.

As the year went on, I prepared for the biggest day of my life–my wedding day. I shared moments of choosing my favorite dress, asking my gal to stand next to me, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, and then moments right after my big day. I’m planning on releasing a full blog post on our wedding day on our sixth month anniversary this next month, so stayed tuned for that, as well!

After our big day, I shared the best honeymoon moments, and even shared when we began to look for our new home. That journey was one of the most stressful that I had all year. We waited, we prayed, we trusted, we cried, alllll of the feelings that I shared with y’all, to be met with encouragement and prayers, and L O V E. That’s the theme of your support for me all year long–L O V E. + for that, I am forever thankful.

After we finallllly closed on our home, I began to share all of our fun projects that are still ongoing now. This was a highlight of my entire year–I have loved reading your messages about DIYs!

Other exciting moments include NYC, Orlando, and just the mundane OOTDs.

Of course, there have been many lows accompanying the highs. In early December I experienced a situation that was not so fun–as soon as I shared this with y’all, I received so many messages with encouragement, support, uplifting quotes, and even yummy recipes to help soothe my heart. I was overwhelmed with, again, L O V E. There is something about this tiny community you guys have helped me build that is unlike any friend group I’ve ever had before. You guys helped me through such a tough time + I have no doubt that you would if I needed it again.

Although I don’t want to leave 2018 behind, I know without a doubt that 2019 holds big things, as well. T + I will stand beside Tyler + Zac as they become husband and wife, I’ll graduate from undergrad, travel a lot, celebrate our first anniversary, and T will turn 25! There are so many things to look ahead for, but this year will be extremely hard to beat!

Thank y’all so very much for all of the support this year–I’ve said it several times in this post, but I truly am so blessed to have you guys on this journey of life with me. Thank you for trusting my reviews and buying from my links–I can’t wait to share even more in 2019. See y’all next year! *hehehe*


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