Dear Santa: This One’s For My Man

Hey, y’all! It’s T here. I was invited to piece together a Holiday Gift Guide, so I’ve picked a few of my favorite products, as well as a few that are on my wishlist. I am honestly so bad at typing, so I’m letting B handle most of the descriptions, but these are my honest opinions–I’ll be helping her write each just like I’d recommend them! To be real, us guys love getting new wallets, belts, underwear, etc. each year, but its quite fun to get a few cool things, too!

B here! Ladies, I hope y’all find something that fits your sweet man’s style from T’s list! This has been so fun to watch him compile! 😉

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1 // Rubber Wedding Band

When I married B I promised to never take my ring off unless I absolutely had to. With a metal ring, it’s hard to play basketball at the gym, so I found these rubber ones to wear while I’m shooting hoops. They clean really well + fit like a glove.

2 // New Balance Running Shoes

I’ve always preferred Nike running shoes, but after trying these on at Dick’s a few weeks ago, they were so much more comfortable. These are definitely on my list + better be under my tree on Christmas morning, B! hahaha

3 // 23+Me

I thought this would make a really cool gift for your dude. Especially if you’ve just gotten married or are planning a family, this would be an awesome way for your guy to map where his lineage came from.

4 // Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are a gift I’ve been begging for for over a year. B just doesn’t see the need since we have SO many pairs of Apple headphones, but they would be amazing in the gym. Guys, I’m sure you can agree–women, grab these for your guy for a super awesome gift.

5 // Joggers

Again, another gym staple. I love the way joggers stretch with movement and leave you extra room inside. These recommended ones are my favorites + are by Nike.

6 // Casper Nap Pillow

MAN, sleep is so important to me. I can fall asleep just about anywhere and Casper’s pillow are like heaven. I have a full-sized one, but this travel sized one would be perfect for trips!

7 // Apple Watch

When B gifted this to me for my birthday last year, I literally cried. haha Not embarrassed to admit it! If you are looking for a gift that will surprise him, this is it! I use mine everyday and it is perfect for tracking gym time! I would recommend a Nike Sport Band, as well.

8 // Patagonia Pullover

I live in pullovers–I wear them to work everyday in the Winter. My absolute favorite isn’t available online, so I’m recommending my second favorite. A note from B–this can be dressed way up or way down for your sweet man! + so so so warm, too!

9 // Polo Black (Cologne)

Cologne is a must for Christmas. I ask for a bottle every year + it usually lasts right up until Christmas Eve church service. hahaha My favorite is Polo Black, but grab your guy’s favorite for a long-lasting gift. Fun fact: I can’t smell AKA smell blind–I lost my smell after a golf cart accident where I fractured my skull. So, I don’t think I’ll ever change colognes, since this is the only one I remember the smell of.

10 // Trucker Hat

I have been wearing hats since I was born basically. I don’t leave the house without one unless B asks nicely. hahaha Patagonia’s trucker hats are my favorites, as the bill is high enough for me to wear my RayBans underneath.

11 // Nike Running Wind Shield

I tried this on a few weeks ago and loved the feel. Definitely on my list + your gym loving guy would be excited to open it!

12 // RayBan Clubmasters

Okay, so I listed these because Sunglasses are also a gift that will last a really long time. (unless your 70lb dog steps on them–not that I know from experience or anything) The quality of RayBan glasses is super high + this style is super stylish.

13 // Swell Water Bottle

Another fun fact–I am addicted to Dr. Pepper. Its bad. But, B has recently convinced me to start drinking more water after a nasty kidney infection. However, she wasn’t very enthused when she found out that I had just been refilling the same plastic water bottle for weeks. Y’all don’t really know how health conscious the woman is about me. hahaha SO, I started to search for reusing water bottles and found this awesome one at Nordstrom. I would 100% recommend to any desk-sitting job worker bro!

14 // Ugg Slippers

Can ya say cozy?! If I’m at home I’m either wearing socks or slippers + MAN these babies are comfy! I would recommend another brand if they were also this fluffy, but these are high on my list.

15 // Leather Money Clip

I realllllly like cash. Call me old-school, that’s fine. I would rather have a $20 on me than to use a card. Soooo, enter the love for money clips. I gifted these to my guys at my wedding + have one of my own. Perfect stocking stuffer gift!

16 // North Face Gloves

Anyone like their hands to be cold? Negative. I looked around for good gloves for a while before I came across these North Face ones. I feel like they are warm enough for some seriously cold temps + will be taking them with me to NYC next week. These would also make for a great stocking stuffer.

Thanks for reading–maybe she’ll invite me back next year! Let us know if you find something perfect for your man from this list + HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

From B: Hope you guys enjoyed my guest writer this afternoon 🙂 He has a dream of starting a travel blog, so stay tuned–it might just happen!



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