Golden Goose Dupes

I have been eyeing this pair of Golden Goose leopard sneakers for quite some time now. Being over $500, though, I knew I would almost never be able to afford them, so I just stopped looking. I saw another blogger post about a “major” sale Golden Goose was having last week + thought I would just Google to see for myself + up popped this featured Shein dupe version for LESS THAN $25.



They are almost EXACT matches of the GG pair + the quality is higher than I ever expected from Shein! The animal hair is obviously not real, but in reality, I’d rather wear the plastic version than know I’m wearing real animal fur. This, honestly, might be the biggest steal I’ve ever seen.

Side by comparison:

As the holidays are quickly approaching, these would be a perfect gift to add to your list! Your mom, bff, sister, or friend would absolutely love these + for literally over 90% off of the Golden Goose pair.

Shop the dupes, here!


2 thoughts on “Golden Goose Dupes

  1. Hi! I was seeing the reviews of this golden goose dupes and i saw your comment and photos in the shein app. I saw that your shein GG had the “GOLDEN ” label just like the original ones but in the shein post you can see the shoe don’t have that label. Did you got it with label or you added it. Cause i tough maybe for idk legal reasons they show pictures in the app without label but they send the shoe with label 🤔


    1. Hi! I did not add anything to the shoe–it came like this from Shein. Please note, I ordered my pair over a year ago + the label was present then, as per my screenshot from Shein at that time, in my review post. However, when I looked on Shein today, it appears they have removed the label from the shoes they are selling now, likely for legal reasons 🙂


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