Sweater of the Week: 10/17


Sweater weather is in fullll swing, y’all! I left for work around 5:30 this morning (help me haha) + I just about froze on the walk from the parking garage to the hospital. Again, so crazy that we have skipped Fall all-together, but the same thing happened last season, so I guess I should learn to expect it!

The super fun thing about cold temps, however, is that I’m able to pull my Winter styles out + it always gives me major heart eyes to see what all has been packed away for a year. I especially love simple sweaters, since my life is pretty packed. Grabbing one like this week’s Sweater of the Week gives me a comfy but still very put-together look on busy days.

This week’s featured sweater is from Aerie + MAN is it comfy! I was lucky enough to snag it before it sold out (boo), but Aerie is currently having a 30% off ALL tops sale–including all of their sweaters! All of my favorite sweaters have been from Aerie + I recommend the quality 100%! Shop the sale, here!


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