End of Summer Swimsuit Sales

Can you believe it’s really almost time to wave goodbye to summer? Maybe it’s because this summer has been the BEST summer of my life (time flies when you’re having fun), but I feel like we are just now coming into June.

T + I have accomplished so much this summer and I’m so looking forward to what this Fall has in store. As every summer nears an end, my favorite sale searches are always swimmie sales. To be honest, I love hitting several stores in sole search of swimsuit sales. Something about snagging a swimmie I’ve been eyeing all summer for a hot deal.

We’ve been so busying buying our new home that I have had absolutely no time to shop. Shocker, but I’ve been so excited this hasn’t even been a problem. However, it was wonderful to sit down this morning and piece together a ton of swimmies that are on sale. I am adding at least five of these linked to my cart.

I’m sharing over 30 sale swimmies at the bottom of this post, most of which are UNDER $25. I’m also sharing some of my favorite swimmie pics from this summer below–click on each picture to redirect to product links!


Shop another 30+ on sale swimmies by clicking the picture below!Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 4.03.22 PM.png



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