Perfecting Your Tan With Sally Hansen


Self tanner is something I haven’t often used in my lifetime. I am overly blessed with skin that tans easily + keeps its tan throughout the year. There have been times, however, when I needed an extra boost + have absolutely loved using Sally Hansen products.

Sally Hansen has a wide range of products + shades, each catering to a unique skin tone. I was gifted the featured product Airbrush Legs, which is in the shade Beige Glow. When I received it, I knew I wouldn’t benefit from the shade, since my skin has already been touched by the summer sun.

In order to test the product out, I enlisted the help of my fiance, T Giles. Poor thing burns with just 30 minutes in the sun + it takes a major burn for him to retain any color. What a difference Sally Hansen made for his legs! Check out his results below.



The tan is water resistant + lasts all day long. The removal is incredibly simple, with only soap + water in the shower, making it a perfect product in a pinch before an event.

In partnership with Sally Hansen, I am giving away a can of Airbrush Legs in shade Beige Glow over on my Instagram! Head on over to learn all the details + enter before the giveaway closes on July 4!

Have a favorite self tanner? Share below!


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