Wedding Series: Guide To Ceremony Programs



Wedding programs are an aspect every bride has to decide whether or not to include. When attending a wedding, I love to grab a program, so that I am aware of what will take place + when. Not only are they essential for many guests, but they also make a sweet keepsake for the wedding album.

When T + I first started to plan, programs were left off of our list. At that point, we didn’t think we would have more than 35 guests at our ceremony, but that number has quickly grown to almost 75. Because of this number increase, we feel that adding a program might help the calm any chaos of the day.

I have DIY’ed each of our paper details. Our invitations, rsvp cards, ect. So, I knew that my programs would be no different. To get inspiration for each paper detail, I log on to + search the options. If I find one I love, I will use it to inspire my own design.

It helped to know the order of most ceremonies, as well. Fun fact–I have been to countless weddings, but am still unsure of the order of the ceremony. *hehehe* After finding a design that inspires me, I use my account to create my own.

For us, it will be important to list each aspect of the ceremony + then instructions for transitioning to the reception. Many brides opt to have a cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony, but for us we plan to have almost all pictures finalized before the ceremony, so our guests will only have a small wait before the reception begins. Speaking of our reception, it will look different, as it will be directly on the beach. This information will likely make the program, as well.

On the flip side, however, more + more brides are opting out of a program these days. Because of the wide use of technology, the printing of paper materials is on the decline. This is a great option for a bride having a simple ceremony + if any announcements need to be made, your officiate can take care of it, or your Best Man/Maid of Honor can grab a mic at the reception.

Yes, the first thing your guest’s will throw away will probably be the program. However, I think the need outweighs the risk. Especially if you choose to DIY your own. Every detail of my day will be so special + I can’t wait to remember every second by looking back on the small aspects.



Have a creative idea for ceremony programs? Leave it below!


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