Wedding Series: Sweatin’ For The Weddin’




If you know me, adding exercise to my crazy life has been so hard for me. I have struggled with eating healthy + putting effort into my workouts since I’ve started college. Hi gals, Freshman 15 is real. Can I get an amen?

When I went wedding dress shopping I was determined to find a dress that flattered my body in every way. When I found the one, I loved everything about it, other than the fact that it had to be majorly altered. The boobage was made for someone far more blessed than I + the entire dress was a size too big. Of course, my stylist helped to pin it just perfectly + I knew it was for me.

I got the idea in my head–what if I could lose a bit of weight + have it altered two sizes down instead of only one. I immediately went into internet search mode + found several plans to follow + then life happened. *really sad face* I became super stressed over the most difficult class I’d ever taken, President life, GETTING MARRIED, family tissles, ect. ect. ect. 

Next thing I knew, we were three months from our big day. Talk about a shock. I took one look at myself in the mirror + knew it was time to get serious. I’m sharing what I’ve been doing + eating to lose those lbs + tone up below!


I decided my best bet for results would be to exercise + follow a clean diet. I ran often in highschool + played softball for my entire raising, so when all of that stopped when I went to college I was doomed. I began to hate exercising. Then I got sick. After that, I had no energy at all to exercise. I hated it so much.

I tried BBG at the beginning of last year + got so busy that I couldn’t make time for it. I tried again this year, but was only left feeling sick after each workout. This might be the result of just starting again, but I only ended up falling off of that wagon. I cannot express the disappointment I felt.

Fast forward + Planet Fitness is actually heaven. Here’s a reallllly embarrassing fact: I had been using my PF Membership for tanning only for over 6 months. I’m hearing the judging now. Send me a dm + I’ll tell you how packed my life is. *hehehe*

I scheduled a one-on-one with a trainer at Planet Fitness + found the most amazing trainer waiting for me. Kevin, at the Memphis Midtown location, here’s your shoutout! He sat with me for over a half hour discussing my medical history + where I felt I was most weak. He put together a workout program that KICKS MY BUTT, but has already made me feel so much better.

A week entails five weight-lifting workouts, with 20 minutes of moderate cardio to close it out. I have been so shocked at how much I enjoy walking into PF every weekday. The friendly smiles + high five from my trainer have made alllll the difference.

Now to the food: no exaggeration, this has been so easy. It just took me stepping up + starting, as well as committing. For lunch each day, I make myself a Turkey Pita which is literally amazing. For dinner, we choose between several healthy options. Interested in these recipes? Send me an email + I’d be so happy to share.

Snacks are always my weakness. Lately I’ve been choosing yummy kettle chips + veggie straws when I need something salty. My all-time weakness is a sweet tooth after dinner. Every. Single. Night. To combat this, I bought fat free cool whip in the tub. It is 20 calories for two tablespoons + less than 1g of sugar. When left in the freezer, it tastes just like vanilla ice cream.

One tip would be to only weigh yourself once a week. You won’t change much day to day, but Mondays (for me) have been so exciting to see results. Also, remember to take progress pictures. A big result for me hasn’t really been the scale moving, but the way my body is changing.

Overall, it has 100% been a mind change. Choosing healthy options is so much easier than you think. Walking into a gym where there are humans three times your muscle size can be so intimidating. Find a workout partner or join Planet Fitness + grab that trainer to combat this.

All of your hard work will pay off when you’re standing at the alter looking + feeling confident in your own skin.


Have a question about my fitness routine? Send me an email + I would be so happy to answer!


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