The Wrap Dress


Shop the look, here!

I have gotten so many dm’s about this dress over the weekend! I figured I would just do a full blog post on it in light of that. Check out the details below!


T + I had the absolute privilege of traveling to Atlanta for the sweetest wedding of the year. Mary Henner, a mentor in my life, married her knight Cole Bearrow in one of the most stunning gowns I’ve ever seen. The love that they share radiates to everyone around them. I cannot say enough about how special it was to watch them say “I do”.

The gorgeous bride, herself!

Mary asked for cocktail attire for her ceremony. So, I got busy + went straight for Nordstrom Rack. (I’ve found many cocktail attire pieces here before) This green wrap dress was the first piece I picked out + I knew it was perfect.

If you’ve never worn a wrap dress before, you slip it on like a robe. There’s an inside button where the left side attaches under the right. The right then comes over to tie in a bow. I did have to do a bit of DIYing to the neck line–it plunged a bit more than I would like. A few stitches fixed the problem in no time.

I cannot wait to find other wrap dresses to wear on repeat this summer. So classy, yet so fun!


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