Wedding Series: For The Guests

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Wedding season is SO busy for all of us, but so exciting! T + I are heading to Atlanta for a wedding this evening + we are so excited. Being a guest to a wedding 54 days out from my own will be such a fun experience to put myself in the shoes of all of my guests. It will be so much fun to celebrate + shower some of our favorite people tomorrow night!

When planning a wedding, sometimes we forget our guests. YES, the day is 100% about the two of us, but our friends and family are such a big part of it, as well. Because of this, I’m sharing tips for the guests in this edition of my wedding series! Check out my top tips below!



Each bride has an idea in mind of what she would like her guests to dress in. Each wedding theme has a different style to match, but should never include the color white, unless directed by the bride!


The dress featured below is what I will be wearing to a cocktail attire wedding tomorrow evening. If the bride requests cocktail attire, the guy should wear a suit, or dress slacks + a sportscoat. The gal should choose a nicer dress, hitting at the knee. This attire is a mix between classy + sheik, but not formalwear.


Beach or Garden Party

Beach or Garden Party is the attire that I have listed for my own wedding. Of course, this style matches with my beach wedding, but I wanted to be sure I included garden as an option, as well. I envision all types of sun dresses, maxis, jumpsuits, each a fun summer color. If a bride asks for this type of attire, the guy should choose to wear  dress slacks with no tie or jacket, khaki colored slacks, or maybe even a fun colored summer pair. The gal should choose a flowy or relaxed dress that hits at the knees, or a long maxi. Shoes are optional! *hehehe* I’ve put together a few options below!

Untitled design (1).jpg

Untitled design (2).jpgUntitled design (3).jpg

Black Tie

Black tie is the most formal of all attire options. This makes for an extremely formal + elegant wedding. If I would have had a December wedding, I would have opted for this type of attire. If the bride asks for black tie attire, the guy should choose a nice black suit, complete with a tie. The gal should opt for a long formal dress, usually something with a simple design.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 3.17.37 PM      Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 3.16.25 PM          Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 3.20.50 PM.png


This attire can be tricky–casual does mean casual, but not too casual. If a bride requests this attire, she envisions a laid back crowd, but still wants her wedding to be classy. If the bride asks for casual attire, the guy should pair khakis with a nice button down or polo. The gal should opt for a casual dress with natural hair + makeup.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.13.03 PM                          Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.14.16 PM                        Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.13.42 PM


Wedding etiquette is learned by attending weddings, but if a guest has never been, it might be smart to refresh old “wedding rules”!

Cell Phones 

Our cell phones keep us connected with the outside world + I am so thankful for their invention. However, it is so easy to want to pick up + snap pictures with. This might make a bride lose her mind. She is paying a photographer 1,000+ to get great shots of her day. When every guest is up snapping, the photographer is unable to get her shot. I will probably ask one or two people to snap a few candids, just to have, but the majority of guests should save their pictures for after the ceremony.


RSVPing is so important! This allows your bride + groom to accurately prepare for food, gifts, chairs, tables, cake, ect. Try to RSVP as soon as you receive an invitation! This will help ease the bride + groom’s wedding stress + WHAT a great gift to give by doing so!! *hehehe*


Okay, fun fact about me–I HATE to be early for an event. Funny, right? Most people hate to be late. I prefer to be right on rime. When showing up late to a wedding, the attention is focused on the door opening + guests might miss something as important as the unity candle. Make sure to map the venue address the night before, so that you aren’t crashing someones’s party.

Do. Not. Wear. White.

This one should be obvious, however, unless the bride specifies that she would like white attire at her ceremony, do not wear white. This day is for the bride to wear her white gown + deserves to be the only gal in the room wearing white. Stay away from ivories, as well. The more color, the better 🙂

Don’t Be Too Chatty

This one is for my Sweet T. *hehehe* Of course, the bride + groom want to see + chat with you on their big day! This will be some of what they remember the most. However, don’t be the Chatty Cathy at the reception. There are so many people they have to get around to, with their families at the top of that list. You are so important to the couple, but there will be so many people to get around to!

Be Mindful of Social Media

Make sure to take note of the social media trend at a wedding. Do they have a hashtag? This probably means they don’t mind you posting pictures to social media. Side note: we had so much fun creating our hashtag, #MrWhiteFoundMrsRight, + cannot wait to see all of our guests use it. However, some brides may prefer you to not post pictures of her to social media before she has a chance to. You know your friend, so be sure to follow what you would think they would be most comfortable with.


Being a guest to a wedding means that either the bride + groom or their families think highly of you. They want you to experience the biggest day of their life alongside them + love each guest so much. There is a ton that goes into planning + fulfilling a wedding. The big day will be full of excitement for them, which you will get to share in.

Weddings are beautiful, emotional, HUGE steps for the bride + groom. This is a day they will remember every detail of for their entire lives. Jump in on the fun + shed some love on the two lovebirds as they begin their life together.



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