Spring To Summer Pajama Sets





Sleep is one of my top three priorities of self-care. If I don’t get enough sleep I’m either super cranky or falling asleep throughout the day. In order for me to be productive throughout my day, I have to be rested. Anyone else?!

Comfy PJs are so important for a good night’s sleep, at least for me. I have one favorite t-shirt that is on repeat, but I also LOVE a quality set. There is just something about taking a hot shower, slipping into comfy pajamas + crawling into a made bed.

Every Christmas Eve, the girlies in our family get matching pjs. These are perfect for the Winter months, but I have been searching for lighter options lately.

This featured pair is from Old Navy + they are currently my go-tos. The material is so light + so airy, that it feels like sleeping in clouds—I’m not exaggerating here, either. *hehehe* The sweet little bottoms have the cutest silk bow to tie in the front, making you feel less of slob when you roll out of the bed in the morning. *winky face*

In my recent search, I have found so many options that I can’t wait to link below! Check them out + be sure to send an email over if you have any questions!




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