Wedding Series: Honeymoon Searching


60 days from today I’ll officially be Mrs. White! *cue the happy tears* The closer we get to July 11, 2018, the more my heart explodes with joy + my tummy fills to the brim with butterflies. I STILL cannot believe I get to spend the rest of my life with my very best friend. *someone PINCH me!*

Planning our wedding has been more than exciting, but I think T’s favorite part has been the honeymoon planning. Bless his heart, he would rather go to the courthouse, say our vows + spend a month at the beach. From day one of our engagement, however, he truly has been ecstatic about giving me the wedding of my dreams. So much so that he is so concerned with how every little detail affects me. I thank the Lord daily for his protective spirit that holds my heart in everything he does.

I wanted to be sure that he had the biggest voice in planning our honeymoon, since I knew it was so important for him. He decided on Punta Cana in the Dominican + I mean, who could argue? I’ve never been, but he has, which is not a regular for us–I’m usually the one taking him places I have been. He wasn’t a big traveler growing up, but loves it now! For my anxious heart, going somewhere I have never been is something that I am so excited about, but also so nervous!

Honeymoon planning is one of the 100% enjoyable parts of wedding planning. I’m sharing how we picked + planned ours below!


T’s favorite place in the world is the beach. He takes after his dad on this one. He could live on the sand + I’m a pretty big fan as well, so we knew a beach destination would be our best bet.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
My sweet guy in his favorite place!

T has been to the Dominican + I haven’t. He loved the water + atmosphere there, wanted to take me so bad. Easiest decision we made in planning–Punta Cana it was!

When we first started researching on how to book, we considered using a travel planner. I, being an incredibly independent gal, didn’t want to rely on someone else, so I got to work on my own. I searched several travel sites before coming across

The site was incredibly easy to use. I selected our dates, airline times, and budget for the resort + up popped a million options! Having them to compare, all on one site, was a big plus for me. Every time I came across a resort I was interested in, I would review the place on other sites. TripAdvisor seemed to provide the best reviews + made sure to include the negative ones, as well.


My top point to share surrounding honeymoon planning is to make sure you thoroughly search reviews. When going out of the country, an honest review is so incredibly important. You wouldn’t want to cross an ocean + be stuck at a miserable resort on your honeymoon! On the same note, even if you aren’t leaving the country, your honeymoon is your first trip as a married couple, so a destination with high reviews is what you want to shoot for!


There are so many details to share surrounding honeymoon planning + I just couldn’t fit it all into one post. Since we are choosing to leave the country on ours, stay tuned for a full blog post on “Destination Honeymoons” + all of the details that go into leaving the country!

Have a specific question about honeymoon planning? Shoot me an email + I’ll be glad to help out 🙂

fun fact about B: I have a speech impediment when saying certain words + “specific” is one of them. Just typing it makes my head spin. *hehehe*



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