Pink Ruffle Accent Top

Facetune_09-05-2018-14-58-25 2.JPG


On Wednesdays we wear…PINK! Seriously, though, pink is good with me for any day. I’ve found that I love the way I feel in pink + my self confidence is always higher. How important it is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing!

I am obsessed with pink, but I am also a big fan of details in fashion + love adding a twist to a seemingly plain-jane outfit. This featured ruffle top from Target gives me all the feels. The material is thin, so wearing it on a hot summer day won’t be an issue. It almost feels like a t-shirt!

The fun part about the top is, of course, the sleeves. The ruffle detail falls right over the shoulder, but doesn’t create a 1980’s puff sleeve look. *hehehe* When I first picked the top up from Target, I was afraid the detail would rub my arms uncomfortably, but after wearing it out to brunch this weekend, I was incredibly wrong!

I can’t wait to restyle this top with fun shorts + maybe even dark denim for a night out. Shop this look, here!



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