A Guide To Downtown Memphis Murals

Memphis is my whole heart; although I hate BBQ with a passion. *hehehe* This city has truly “made me”, as people say” + I am forever in debt to it.

Living downtown, I have access to both historic + modern Memphis. I could cross the street + catch the trolly, or drive a mile + explore Bass Pro. *side note: a Bass Pro in a pyramid; seriously, who ever imagined?*

One of my favorite Memphis missions is finding hand painted murals. If you look closely, there’s an amazing mural on every corner of downtown Memphis. In honor of Memphis In May + all of the tourists traveling to our city, I’m listing five of the must-see murals below!




This super fun mural is located at Vance Ave + Main St. I love the gray stripes, painted in memory of Jay Reatard, a Memphis music artist who died at a young age. I loved taking the afternoon last week to snap a few graduation + pageant pics with my gal, McKell. Check out her use of this mural + her pageant journey, here!

“Hope Will Lead Us There”


Hope Will Lead Us There is meant to be an inspiring piece of art. Painted on the side of Memphis Street Ministries, at E Pontotoc Ave and Turley St, the mural is meant to remind Memphians to keep the faith + look forward to brighter days. The striking color makes for a super fun Insta feed post. *hehehe*

“The Pinch District”


The Pinch District is considered to be the area I live in. St. Jude, Bass Pro, The Convention Center, yummy Westy’s, +The Rendezvous’s Shipping Center are all major businesses in the area. For years, this district was left to be destroyed, even considered a dangerous area. However, in the last ten years, the district has seen new life. St. Jude is even planning a massive development in the next decade. Check out those plans, here!

This mural highlights the life returning to the district + can be found at 393 Main St., Memphis, TN 38103.

“I Am Free”

Photo by artist, Erin Williams.

This mural was created by the same artist as the “Hope Will Lead Us There” mural + has some of the same characteristics. Found in the Uptown area at Second Street and Mill, the mural brings color to the surrounding older buildings. Again, a mural for colorful insta feeds!

“I Love Memphis”

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 3.26.11 PM
Photo featuring two of the cutest sorority sisters, Sara Carrisoza + Rachel Wickman.

I LOVE MEMPHIS with my whole heart, so this mural gives me all the feels. Fun fact, I am bilingual–Mandarin Chinese is my second language, so the different languages painted saying “I love Memphis” gives me chills. Located right on Beale St., this mural highlights all the things Memphis is known for, from BBQ to The King, Elvis, himself. Grab a yummy milkshake from A. Schwab’s + head down towards Tin Roof to check this one out!


There are many many many more that I could share! Planning a trip to Mem soon? Send me an email + I can point you in all the right directions!


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