Wedding Series: Budget Splurges + Saves

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As a bonus to this week’s Wedding Series post, check out a few of our most recent engagement shots! *heart eyes*


Planning a wedding can be, + is, one of the most stressful times in a gal’s life. Along with figuring out what your big day will entail, you have to be budget conscious throughout the process. This is likely the most difficult part of planning a wedding.

Throughout my journey, I have picked up tips + tricks to save our pennies. From DIYing a few details, to choosing all-inclusive, I’m sharing my top ten splurge vs save wedding items below!

The Dress: Save

There are so many ways to splurge on your dress + I snagged mine for an incredible price. Low’s Bridal has two annual sales + I found my favorite dress for 50% off! My advice for searching for a discounted dress would be to look the dress up+down before purchasing, just to be sure there are no imperfections. Another tip would be to search around—if you find a dress you love, check another store for similar styles; the price might be lower!

The Coordinator: Splurge

If you have read any of my other Wedding Series pieces, you know that my top piece of advice is to find yourself a coordinator. I cannot say it enough, the extra money is 1000% worth it. I was thinking just yesterday, if I didn’t have Nicki, my coordinator, I would be running crazy right now! Even if you hire a family member to handle all of your details, you will be able to enjoy the last leg of your engagement minus at least 50% of the stress.

The Invitations: Save

Your invitations set the tone for your wedding. This is the first piece of your day that your guests will have. However, you can still create amazing invitations without trading in your arm + leg. Many websites like Minted, will charge you a $1.00 an invitation. For a 125 guest wedding, thats about $150 with fees. This past weekend, I utilized Canva to create my invitations + printed them myself on invitation paper for $75. That’s HALF the cost! Office Depot carries wedding envelopes + quality paper. The most expensive material will be the stamps, which run $50 for a roll of 100. You can easily pull off high quality invitations for such a low cost!

The Photographer: Splurge

If you have read my Wedding Series post on photographers, you know that choosing a high quality photographer is another one of my top tips. It is so easy to snap pictures, but so difficult to edit them in a memorable way. Think about it this way: you will be able to remember your big day + all its details, but with a great photographer, you’ll be able to share every detail with your children + their children. Bottom line, spend that extra $1,000 + find you a quality photographer.

The Flowers: Save

Flowers are an incredibly beautiful addition to any wedding ceremony, but can cost a fortune. Lucky for us, we are getting married on the beach, so our arbor will have little to no buds + I’m completely okay with it. To add a full flower arbor would have cost us an extra $1000 + we both agreed that we could use those funds in other areas. The only splurge I would recommend with flowers would be the bridal bouquet. This piece will be included in all of your pictures, so make sure you shell out the appropriate amount of cash for exactly what you want.

The Ring: Splurge

The flowers will die, the music will stop, the guests won’t even remember if you had programs or not; but, the one forever lasting detail of your day is your ring. Your guy picks out the rock, you get to choose the band. My sweet T had my ring custom made in another country + went ahead + chose a band for it. However, if you only have the rock, make sure you chose a band that is long lasting. I think it is special to keep the same ring for your whole life, serving as the best reminder of your big day.

The Wedding Party: Save

I am blessed with SO many gals in my life. I mean, being a two term President of a sorority, you have over 100 women that you could see walking with you down the aisle. When we started to narrow down the friends we wanted to ask, we found that T only had seven at max + I still had eleven. Getting down to this eleven was extremely hard for me + I knew I had to get it even farther down. After much thought, we decided to just ask our siblings. We did, however, ask all of our other friends to be “honorary wedding party” members. This didn’t necessarily save us money, but saved me, in particular, a world of stress.

The Wedding Website: Splurge

Maybe this opinion is consistent with owning a blog, but these days, a wedding website is important. Being able to have your wedding details + your registries + your RSVP spot all-in-one makes the planning a bit easier. even offers a free site! So, while you might not be saving any cash, you are saving time + effort later down the road. Check my own out, here!

The Favors: Save

Wedding favors are being to fall out of the scene. When you’re paying tons of money for everything else, favors seem like the smallest of your worries; + rightfully so! Your guests will take away so much happiness from just being at your bid day. If you still want to supply a favor, consider ordering in bulk!

Bride’s Hair + Makeup: Splurge

This might seem like something you could save on, but I believe a splurge is warranted. I can only imagine the stress + nerves (butterflies) of that day, so having a hair + makeup stylist around will help ease those emotions. Granted, with a beach wedding, I have only been able to find a makeup artist. Truth be told, Tyler might have to help a girl out with my hair. Even with my hair situation up-in-the-air, I am so relieved that I found someone to cover my hair.


This list does not cover half of the details that I have had to choose between splurge or save. Never hesitate to reach out if you would like to know how I handled a certain situation! 🙂


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