Three Facial Favorites

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So, it’s Wednesday April 25th, I’ve had two finals + I’m gearing up for two more. I am taking a thirty minute break from studying to hop in a bubble bath, but before I did I wanted to share three of my current favorite facial products.

I have shared this makeup remover before, but I am even more in love, having used it for a few months. It is Estee Lauder’s Take It Away. This solution never fails to get even the last bit of waterproof mascara off of my face + makes bubble baths easy.

That little black pot is LUSH Cosmetic’s Lip Sugar Scrub in Chocolate. I am literally OBSESSED. Just a dab-will-do-ya + the flavor is amazing. You basically scrub the sugar on + lick it off. I usually splash my lips before licking (just to get the dead skin off), but it tastes like actual chocolate.

Lastly, this Vanity Planet has been no less than amazing for my skin. I suffer from major redness on my cheeks, so any kind of scrubbing does me in. However, this baby came with three different brushes, so I’m able to choose a softer option. I usually use it right after I’ve used my makeup remover, just to exfoliate a bit.

Are you currently loving a facial product? Be sure to share 🙂


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