Wedding Series: Finding + Choosing A Photographer

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Okay, let’s be real; picking a wedding photographer is top priority in every soon-to-be-bride’s mind. You want to be sure you have your most favorite day captured in the most beautiful way. For us, with our venue 500 miles away, I was under so much pressure to find someone who would be able to capture our personality + style appropriately.

I looked high + low for someone in our family or a friend that wouldn’t mind snapping them + then maybe I could edit myself, but that road quickly came to an end. I was caught between, “should we save money” + “should we splurge for something this important”. Which one do you think I went with? *hehehe*

Searching Google, I was able to find Sarah & Paul Photography + instantly fell in love. Y’all, the portfolios on their website make my heart beat fast. The work that they have displayed reassures me that every precious detail of our day will be remembered + captured in just the way I have always dreamed.


Side note: I cannot wait to share every step of this journey with you all!! I get butterflies just taking it all in. *EEEEK*

The advice I would share to any new bride would be to do your homework. You will want to ask friends for recommendations, and literally stalk the photographer’s website. The work that they display will be spot on to what they provide you. Choose wisely + make sure you can see yourself in the pictured brides’ shoes.

For us, we had so many things to share with our photographer. From family dynamics to personal style, Sarah & Paul had all of the perfect outlets for us to share + so many questions to ask us, so they knew exactly what we wished our day to look like. One big decision we had to make was how we we would organize our pictures.

We decided to not do any individual family pictures, for example: just me with my siblings, or T with his; they will all have both of us in them. The exception to that will only be our wedding party pictures: a few with Tyler for me, and a few with T + his guys for him. T + I felt strongly that the day is celebrating the both of us, together.

Other than asking style/preference questions with your photographer, be sure to ask about the price-range, payment timeline, and how to pay. These are most stressful questions when booking + the rest is just (mostly) all fun!

To make sure we snap every look we in our minds, we created a photographer wishlist. Check out a condensed version below 🙂


Venue (2).jpg



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