Wedding Series: Finding the Perfect Venue


All things wedding planning can be super stressful. My sweet T is not a worrier, but lord-have-mercy I AM. I’ve said it a million + two times, but I overthink everythingggg in life. This made our search for our venue so difficult, but I am so so so thankful to have a perfect one.

At first, we had a perfect venue picked out here in Memphis. It was all things princess + I fell in love at first sight. If you are from Memphis, I highly recommend Hunt Phelan. Check out more on this venue, here.

So, we have our perfect venue picked out + we start planning for a gorgeous December ceremony with all things greenery. But, remember how I said I overthink everything? Well, growing up, I always envisioned a beautiful beach destination wedding.

As the Lord is SO faithful + has plans for every step of our future, T + I got stuck behind an Island Sands Beach Weddings truck on an afternoon drive down Scenic Gulf Drive. I looked the company up out of curiosity. (+ maybe some boredom in beach traffic hehehe) I immediately fell in love + my mind starting spinning.

T has always said, “I don’t care where the ceremony is, as long as you show up.” But, when he saw the simplicity of the featured weddings, he fell in love. The beach is his favorite place on Earth, so what other place to marry me at? We talked with our family over dinner + just felt like the place was right.

We have had a fantastic wedding planner + coordinator who has planned the entire ceremony with our requests. We were able to go down to Destin for my Spring Break + view two beach weddings. I CANNOT say enough about the amount of love + butterflies that fill my tummy when I think about marrying my best friend with my toes in the sand. *EEEEK*

I have one top point for finding a venue:

Choose All-Inclusive

Planning our beach wedding, our all-inclusive package has made everything so much easier. Was the price a bit higher? Yes. Is it worth it? YES. With an all-inclusive package, we have everything from a coordinator/planner, to chairs, to music, to flower petals. Not having to worry about buying from several vendors has been such a blessing that I would not go without, if I had to do it all over again.

My most favorite thing about all-inclusive is that the setup/breakdown aspect is completely covered. Our family will not have to worry about dragging chairs down the beach, or setting up the arbor; it’s all paid for with all-inclusive. Although our family wouldn’t mind making our day perfect themselves, the fact that they also get to enjoy every detail from daylight to sundown is so special to us.


So, what other advice to do I have to give to you when searching for a venue? Check out the checklist below!



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