Wedding Series: Wedding Dress Checklist


I am over the moon excited to finally start my Wedding Series!! I will try to cover each and every aspect of my journey with y’all. Each edition will post on Friday!

To kick off the series, I’m starting with my favorite aspect: THE DRESS. *heart eyes*

When I found my perfect gown I said, “This is the biggest purchase a gal ever makes!” + my consultant said, “humm, not really, a house is the biggest.” When I tell you I rolled my eyes, I rollllled my eyes.

To me, your wedding dress is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make + it’s so much different than anything else in your life. If you think about it my way, you will be wearing this one dress to walk to the love of your life to change your last name. Sorry that your wedding dress wasn’t as big of a buy, Linda.

My dress experience made me feel like an absolute princess + I’m still so shocked at how gorgeous my dress really is. Every detail catches my eye + I know how perfect it will be gliding on the sand.

My sister-in-law, Tyler, recently got engaged + asked me if there was anything I would do different about dress shopping. If you know me, I overthink literally everything, so of course there were a few things. I have shared a few of my top pointers below, complete with a full checklist!

Do A Trial Run

This is the number one suggestion. Before you go for your buying appointment, I highly recommend just going into a shop with the mindset that you are NOT going to buy + that you are just trying out styles. I wish I did this 100%. Not because I don’t absolutely love my dress, I just wish I had a chance to look without the stress of buying.

Take Your Time

Okay, so this is my number one suggestion x 2. *hehehe* In the moment, everything is so overwhelming. You will probably love something about each + every dress, so it is highly important to just enjoy the moment. When you find THE dress, you will know! Do not let anyone rush you into picking, including your consultant.

Limit Your Party

This is something that I didn’t have an issue with, but I have seen so many articles on having too many opinions at your appointment. For mine, my mom, T’s mom, and Tyler came with me + I honestly could not be more thankful for their help. I felt like there were a few things I needed reassurance on, but if I had every one of my friends there, so many opinions would fly. Pick your best gals + go with no more than four!


I have so many more words to say but this post would drag on if I said them all. If you have any questions or want explanations for any of the items on the checklist, let me know!!

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