Bridal Whites


T + I so enjoyed our engagement party over the weekend. It was my first bridal event + I am still so giddy. Before the event, searching for a white dress in March was so much easier than I thought; white is everywhere!!

This featured dress is from Francessca’s + is the same dress as this one, that I posted a few weeks back, just in white. I am so in love with the way this style falls + it is the perfect amount of flowy. Find it, here.

In light of other showers quickly approaching, I’m sharing five of my most favorite white pieces below. I can’t wait to slip back into my favorite white dress in 106 days to marry my sweet T, but I guess these whites will do for now. *hehehe*

Stay tuned for the first blog post for the wedding series, which goes live on Thursday of this week, complete with checklists!


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