Sweater Sales


Driving back from the beach with so much rain today, has me searching all of the online sales. I have been freezing all weekend at the windy beach, so naturally I’m still reaching for sweaters. If nothing else, I’ll stash them for next season.

Light sweaters are so perfect for snuggling up on the couch with a favorite Netflix series + can even come in handy for chilly summer nights. The denim shorts + light sweater Spring trend is likely to be my favorite this season. Have I mentioned that I get very cold, very easily?! It’s an issue. *hehehe* Read more on Spring transitioning with sweaters, here!

Check out my sale sweater round up below!


Forever 21




These are not on sale, but are all $25 or less!


Found a perfect sweater on sale? I have to know! DM or comment below!ツ



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