Five Friends Every Gal Needs


Note: I can’t believe it’s been a year since I posted this blog post! Time literally flies. All of these women are still constants in my life + I’m sharing updates in pink below each one! Happy Reading 🙂 

I’m powering through this week with a load of stress + midterms, and this morning in my quiet time, I realized that friendship is one of my most favorite values. I hold my relationships so close, and struggle with bumps in them. I have my sweet T for support, but WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT MY GALS.

Not only does a friend give advice, wisdom, and a shoulder to cry on, but they give a love like no other. Jesus said, “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” Proverbs 17:17. I am so thankful to have such strong relationships in my gals, who constantly lift me up. So, today I’m sharing five of the BEST friends a girl can have. These gals are truly my biffles.

The LifeLong Friend


For me, Drielle Bondura is my lifelong friend. We were Orientation Guides for the UofM in the Summer of 2016 + how grateful I am for her walking into my life. Drielle has brought so many qualities into my life that I could not live without. You hear the phrase “I don’t know what I would do without you” + that IS how I feel about Dril. She has walked my darkest roads, and celebrated my highest mountains. I am so thankful for the LifeLong friend she is, and I feel like every gal knows who that “she” is in their own life.

Drielle is now a grown woman + out of college, so we don’t really see each other on the reg. However, whenever we pick up it’s like we never skipped a beat! Looking forward to yummy CSC dates soon!

The SISTER Friend


One of my most sweet and valued friendships is the one with my soon-to-be sister, Tyler. We were not given sisters of our own, but by me marrying my T Giles, we are both gaining one. I think this friendship is my most important because of the joys and deep sadness a gal goes through in life. Sure, the lifelong friend will hear all about it, but your sister-friend is walking the steps with you. She’s the first friend that will know when I’m pregnant or when I get into medical school + that is major. Another tale-tale aspect of a sister-friend, is that you can have those disagreements in your friendship, but it never takes long to realize that there is something so special about the fact your friendship is based on FAMILY + nothing else matters. I love my Tyler gal so much + everything she stands for in my life.

Tyler is now my sister + I couldn’t be more thankful! I’ll be celebrating her with a bachelorette this weekend + then standing beside her as she becomes a wife in a little over TWO WEEKs. She was the best MOH on my day + I can’t wait to watch her walk down the aisle to Zac Manning. Extremely excited to keep walking life’s road with my sister! yaay!

The Work Friend

I am blessed with the most precious work friends a gal could ever find. Kanin + Becca are my go to gals when it comes to all things glittery and pink (+always cookies/cupcakes). They have also shared some of my darkest moments + highest mountains. The joy of having a work friend lies in the fact that while you are working towards a purpose, (for us Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare), you also have a gal to vent to. These friendships often start out as having common ground over your actual work + quickly turn into someone you can lean on in any situation. I am forever thankful for this season in my life, for bringing me these precious gals.


ps. I missed work last friday + look at the cookie picture they sent me. *crying*

Unfortunately, we don’t work in the same space anymore–ugh. But, again, these gals will always be a staple in my life. Thankful for being able to vent and listen to their life struggles, as well. ps. can’t wait to see K become a wife!

The Sister Friend Pt 2


When you join a sorority, you gain 100+ immediate sisters. You are a part of something WAY bigger than yourself. I have often heard, “You’re paying for your friends.” This is so wrong for so many reasons. My most precious sister friend is McKell. Kell has walked through literally sickness + health with me. She’ll be the second person to know when I’m pregnant, right after my sister-friend. She has held me up on my worst days, dried my tears when I couldn’t find a way out of someone hurting my feelings, and even stood up for me in the face of a bully. McKell is a friend that will hold my hand through every single up and down in life + I forever owe Sigma Kappa for introducing me to the greatest human on the planet.

Still one of my most precious friends on Earth. This gal is now ENGAGED + is also getting married this year. Thankful to share life’s ups and down with this angel of a girl + am literally counting the seconds to watching her become a wife. Can’t wait for family vacations!

The Mom Friend

So, there are three parts to this one.


First, the mom friend that is your age. Vivian Bach is a through + through FRIEND. She has always had my best intention at heart, and would do anything for anyone at anytime. She has held my hand through loss and gain. I know if I need direction in my life, Viv is the one to call. Whether it was 2 hour+ conversations about family problems, or just giggling at a Tiger football game, this gal has NEVER let me down. I have everything to owe to the UofM for bringing my precious “mom” friend.

Viv is still an incredible constant in my life + I don’t know how I could love her more. She truly does speak truth into my life like no one else could. Thankful for our recent Mexican outing + counting the minutes until the next!

The second part of this is the actual mom friend. Growing up, I always imitated everything my mom did. I would play in her big white tshirts as a wedding dress, dreaming to be just like her one day. When I was a Senior in Highschool, my dad passed away. Walking through that season (still walking through it) has brought a whole new appreciation for my friendship with my mom. SURE, there are arguments, and times when I don’t want to talk, but I know at the end of the day she will always do her best to make me the most happy little gal in the world.

My mom is thriving + making moves that I’m so proud of. It’s been so fun to see the Lord work in her life after my dad’s death. I’m so excited to hold her hand as she moves into areas she’s never been before–so much fun ahead!


The last part lies in the second mother friend. I am gaining one of the most genuine mother-in-laws possible. She loves loves loves her son, but I know she also loves loves loves me. I’ve heard often that wives don’t enjoy talking or spending time with their mother-in-law. This is 100% not the truth for me. I have so enjoyed the years that I have already spent with my MIL, and cannot wait for the roads to walk in the future. I could not say enough about the gift I am receiving in another mom.

I have now gained the most precious MIL in the world + I’m am so so thankful for everything she has brought/is bringing into my life. Lucky enough to be spending some time this evening with her + I’m counting the seconds!


Every friend has played (is playing) a role in who I am as a woman. They strengthen my spirit + give me joy in simply knowing each of them. I hope you have/find the companionship in your own gals.


One thought on “Five Friends Every Gal Needs

  1. I love you w my whole heart, B!! So thankful to have such a beautiful, caring, passionate friend in my life! I have found a lifelong friend in you and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us! ily ily ily


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