diy tassel statement earrings.

happy friyay eve, babes! i hope your week has been a breeze + that you make it through these last two days to have a refreshing weekend! in light of my recent obsession and anticipation of Spring, i wanted to share a super fun, super easy diy with y’all!

tassel earrings have been the rave since last May + i am not complaining one bit. they are a perfect addition to an outfit that needs a little spicing up. i fell in love with the PERFECT tassel earrings on a boutique site last summer, but when i checked the price, they were $90. there’s no way i could ever get away with spending $90 on EARRINGS.

if anyone knows me, i am a get what i want kind of girl. not in the bad way, which i’m sure you’re thinking of right now. what i mean is, if i see something that i know i can’t have in the moment, i work my tail off until i can get it.

so, i pouted for about thirty seconds about passing up a piece that gave me major heart eyes, but then had a genius thought; i could make these on my own super easy! i saw an etsy post of plain tassels earlier that week + thought, i could just buy the tassels and sew them up!

here blossoms the diy part of the story. check it out belowツ




you will need:

tassels (the linked site has a TON of selections) // earring hooks // light colored thread // sewing kit (with needles) // needle nose pliers 

step one:img_95862.jpg

you will need to double thread your needle, being sure to knot at the end. a trick my mom taught me was to wrap the ends around my thumb twice + then roll them back and forth + pull to create a knot; this is the technique i use.

step two:


after threading your needle, you will need to fan your bottom tassel out.

*in this case, i am doing an ombre earring, so i would choose the darkest color first.*

you will then stick the needle into the center of the tassel and push through.


be sure the needle comes through at the very center on top.

*this took me several times to master. the easiest way for me was to stick the needle into the bottom and then push down on a hard surface to help steer through the middle.*

step three:


do the same for the three other tassels, pushing them on top of the one underneath. be sure not to push too tight, but still close enough that the gold tie cannot be seen

step four:



tie a knot using the top of the highest tassel. loop the needle once through the rope piece + then back through the loop you’ve created + pull tight. repeat this at least three times.

step five:



place an earring hook through the rope piece of the highest tassel, and tighten with the pair of pliers.

step six:


complete all steps once more to complete the other earring + you’ll have a set!





this diy is so much fun + will only take you about thirty minutes to complete! i love a good pair of earrings + now my expense dilemma is taken care of!

want a pair but don’t want to go through the trouble of making them yourself?! stay tuned for a handmade tassel earring giveaway 😉

let me know what you think of these precious earrings in the comments belowツ





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