look good, feel good.

my mom has always said that if you look good, you feel good. this seems to be so true for me when working out. if i feel like i look good in the workout clothes i’ve picked for the day, the workout seems to be better.

sunday afternoons, after church, seems to be my most productive workout time slot. maybe it’s because i feel empowered to take on the week from the sermon, or maybe it’s because my t giles likes to nap. *hehehe* sometimes his manly weight lifting intimidates me when i’m struggling with the stair master.

on this sunday, i am grabbing the featured outfit and hitting the gym. check out + shop the look below, babes!ツ



shop the look, here!


i am still searching for tons more comfy but cute workout outfits, so if you have a favorite piece, comment below or insta dm me!ツ


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