it’s monday! time to keep moving toward making the world a better place.

i’m sure some of you have wondered where i’ve been over the past few days, and i have an answer! i attended a retreat over the weekend, where i was in the literal woods with no service. how nice it was to unplug for a hot second, but i missed you all!

without further-a-do, here’s my monday outfit! this casual sweater is one that i snagged from Forever 21’s latest sale. it’s a high low, super thin sweater, and i am loving it on this unusually warm january day.

it is a perfect mix of slightly warm, but also not so warm i’m sweating in this 60 degree weather. *if i’ve never said this, memphis weather is CRAZY*

check the look out!



shop the look, here, or check out the Shop My Instagram page on the home page!


as always, let me know what you think about the look, and happy shoppingツ


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