ipsy, one.

hi, friends!

i finally received my first ipsy bag yesterday, and i’m slightly obsessing. let’s jump right in; all the details are below!!



Bag //

this mesh textured bag is so fun! with a neon yellow/pink accent, this bag could be used for lipstick or single eyeshadow pot storage. i was very surprised by the quality. i honestly expected the bag to be low quality, and the real goodies to be inside. however, the bag is one of my favorite pieces!


Eyeshadow //

y’all, this eyeshadow!! *heart eyes* you can’t really tell from the picture, but this is a nude pink/slightly glittery pot of gold. the shade is Juliet by Luna eye products. when trying it out, it applied so easy and really stood out on top of my usual nude layer of eyeshadow. i will 100% be buying a full sized product in this!


Mascara //

okay, so i’m incredibly picky about my mascara. i have sooo many, and i honestly don’t have an absolute favorite yet. but, this DOUCCE Punk Volumizer Mascara is a winner, for sure. the brush is better than some of my high end mascaras, and it only look one layer to notice a huge difference. i don’t know about you guys, but it usually takes me at least two to three layers for a noticeable difference. love love love this product!


Eyeliner //

so, i usually don’t wear eyeliner because it is so hard to apply for me. however, this product was so easy to use, and look at the results below! the right eye is mascara only. i feel like it makes my lashes look much fuller. the name of this is CIATÉ LONDON Fierce Flicks Liquid Eyeliner, and i highly recommend.


p.s. i forgot this when i went out to shoot today, so the background of these two shots is courtesy of my shower curtain. *hehehe*


Dry Shampoo //

with super fine, dry hair, i haven’t really needed to use dry shampoo before. however, i can’t wait to learn how to use this product, ORIBE HAIR CARE Gold Lust Dry Shampoo. y’all the smell is near heavenly. i would almost buy just for the smell. *hehe*


Face Masks //

okay, what girl doesn’t  l o v e  a good face mask? *butterflies* I am sooo excited to bust these puppies open! i’ll be doing good to still have at least before the end of the week.  BIOREPUBLIC SKINCARE supplies both of these sheet masks; one is Aloe Rescue & the other, Pomegranate Crush. the aloe is listed for sun repair, while the pomegranate brightens.


if this first bag is ANY thing like the ones to follow, i will be running to my mailbox every month for that hot pink package. go, here, to sign up for ipsy today. you definitely won’t regret the $10 per month for five amazing products.

stay tuned for february’s review. if you guys would like to see a YouTube tutorial of my monthly ipsy bags, comment below or DM me!

alsooo, the outfit i’m wearing in these pics will have its very own post tomorrow, so check back in for one of my favorite this winter ツ


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