blogging has been a goal of mine for such a long time, and the past three weeks have been so much F U N + inspiring.

before diving in, there were many bloggers i followed. their content helped me through sad times, happy times, shopping withdrawals, makeup standstills, and even gave me giggles when i needed them.

for that reason, i wanted to draft a blog showcasing ten of my absolute favorite bloggers. thank you alllll for your inspiration; i hope to, one day, be half as fabulous!!


Lauren McBride //

@laurmcbrideblog is one of my all-time favs. her style is out-of-this-world amazing. not to mention, her sweetest little cottage. if you’re looking for inspo on life in general, give her a follow.

Emily Herren //

@champagneandchanel is another absolute favorite. her regular style posts give me major inspo on what to buy on my next shopping trip. give her a follow for the most precious pieces!

Alexis + Samantha Belbel //

contributors to, @alexis.belbel and @samanthabelbel are a perfect example of what teamwork can lead to. giving their viewers advice and insight into the most simple outfits, each style is a 100% go-to. MAJOR goals. give them both a follow, immediately.

Tyler Michelle White //

a fellow blogger on the rise, tyler gave me the final inspo to jump into the blogging world. her posts are absolute bomb, most highlighting her favorite style and beauty finds from the week. it’s not so bad that she’s my future sis-in-law, eitherツ you go, gf!! give her a quick follow at @tylermichellewhite.

Sara Anderson //

@theprettypennygirl has stolen my heart. with her mutual love for all things disney, and her perfect style choices, she is a 100% follow recommendation. give that girl a follow, y’all!

Laura Lee //

@walkinginmemphisinhighheels is a fav, not just because she’s from mem, but because the quality and meaningfulness of her posts is breathtaking. from style to beauty to #momlife, this girl rocks my socks! follow, follow, followツ

Jen Brown //

@alifeofhappenstance ‘s feed gives me MAJOR hunger pains; all in the best way. her wholesome recipes all look so incredibly yummy, and after trying her cinnamon banana pancakes, i’m a fan for life! follow her for a feed full of food comas.

Kelsie Bynum //

@kelsiebynum gives fabulous vibes with her use of bright colors and classic pieces. i am in love with every post! give her a follow for the best of styles!

Emily Byrski //

@empirestyleofmind is a fellow lover of pink, and i am OBSESSED. her posts are the sweetest, eye appealing displays of style. follow for one of the best feeds i’ve seen so far!

i could never thank these ladies enough for giving me such great inspo to step into fulfilling one of my biggest goals.

have a favorite blogger? comment below!!ツ


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