makeup is one of my top interests. i love getting new pieces, and for that reason, i recently signed up for ipsy. to give y’all the low down, i will complete an in-depth review of each bag, each month.

because i won’t receive my first bag until mid jan., i decided to do a review/listing of all of my current fav products. these pieces are my everyday go-tos, and i honestly don’t know if i could live without them. i will post links to each product.

to preface, mac is my most favorite makeup vendor. mostly because i have superrrr dry skin and their products seem to cater to my skin type. this sounds so bragy to say, (not that kind of chic, folks), but i often have people stop me to telling me how nice my complexion is (literally cringing at the braginess). the fact is, my mother’s mother’s mother passed down a long line of clear complexion *thank you, jesus*.

happy reading !! ツ


// Foundation \\

although i don’t have bouts with ache or oil, i do have a very red undertone that i would almost self-diagnose as rosacea without the bumps. for this reason, i prefer foundations with strong over colors. studio fix fluid by mac is just that. this foundation smooths my face to complete color evenness. not to mention its spf feature. tanning is a breeze!

the website lists it as an oil controller, but i have never had an issue with my dry skin! get it here.


// Powder \\

again, mac wins the race. in order to set my foundation, i need the perfect power. studio fix perfecting powder in medium shade is my go to! get it here.


// Blush \\

blush is one of my top makeup favs. this mineralize blush in warm soul by mac leaves me with major heart eyes. this is the perfect addition for any medium skin tone! snag this bad boy here.


// Contour \\

contouring is all the rave. this Shade + Light palette by Kat Von D is major goals. i use the levitation shade to highlight under my blush, and the lucid shade for right above, under my eyes. i also use lucid to highlight my nose and forehead.

this palette makes my fav list due to its refillable inserts. get the palette here, and get the refills later here.


// Eye Shadow \\

when i find a product i love, i never let it go. i’ve used this particular eyeshadow palette since i was sixteen. so addicted. this Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette works perfectly for my love of nude shades. white chocolate and maripan shades are my favs.

not to mention it’s only $50 and lasts foreverrrr. get it, here.


// Brows \\

anastasia beverly hills DIPBROW™ Pomade is life. using the matching, double ended brow brush, brows are a breeze. get your shade here.

BeFunky Collage

// Lashes \\

a mix of both worlds, (drugstore/big brand), BareMinerals and Maybelline are my two favs. with a base of lash domination and a top layer of lash sensational, your lashes are guaranteed to be rocking.

for lash domination, go here. for lash sensational, go here.

BeFunky Collage

// Brushes \\

admittedly my FAV to browse for, i love brushes. i got the BS-MALL brushes for christmas, and i’m honestly blown away. these puppies are ONLY $10, here. for such a low price point, they get the job done nicely, and are wayyyy cheaper than kylie’s $360 set.

for my eyeshadow, i love this simple mac eyeshadow brush. i got it in a christmas set last year and cannot seem to find it on the web. however, you can find a list of equally amazing mac eye brushes, here.


// Lips \\

last, but  n e v e r  least, top it off with a lip. i love all of mac’s lip products, and for the price, they last a long time.

this featured one is from the nicki minaj line, but has sold out. there are two ADORABLE shades left, and wait for it…they are ONLY $10 RIGHT NOW. go here, like immediately.


makeup is never necessary, and i appreciate and praise natural looks. but, every woman knows how it is to feel like a princess on the town in her best makeup.

these are my favorites, and i would love to hear yours!

*p.s. comment below if you would like to see a YouTube version of my makeup routine*


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