welcome to memphis, where it’s 70 on monday and -10 on friday. it has been so incredibly cold the past week that icicles could grow on my eyelashes! running too and from the car leaves you shivering and reaching for the snuggliest blanket you own.

but, there’s more…the bitter cold doesn’t just leave you with a red nose…it leaves you with insane boredom. with lots of freezing days ahead, i decided to think of five inside activities and form them into a Chilly Day To-Do List; why not share with all of you guys?! *winks*

1 // Organize Your Space

closet // maybe it’s just me, but i love love love getting out of bed, getting ready, and having an organized closet selection to pull from. this past week, i shut myself into my closet with a speaker and cup of coffee and got to work. i found this PERFECT shoe rack for under $10 at IKEA. i snagged two and my total was less than $15. i admit, having my shoes off the floor helped a great deal.


bathroom // i have been meaning to make room for a makeup vanity for over a year. because i haven’t, there is always makeup cluttering my very small bathroom counter. after a trip to my favorite browsing store, TjMaxx, i found the perfect makeup organizer. all under $15, and they always have so many selections.



*bonus, i found this sweetest little cactus bracelet holder while browsing. seriously, in  l o v e *


after TjMaxx, i hopped on to Target. *swoon* what girl doesn’t  L O V E  a trip to Target?! of course, i wouldn’t pass the dollar section even if i was running late (can you imagine how mad this makes T? hehehe), and i found $3 MAKEUP ORGANIZERS. of course, these can’t be found online, but visit your nearest Target for the biggest steal!

kitchen // my kitchen is so so so small. under the sink seems to be a catch all for cleaning supplies, plastic bags, and who knows what else. in order to get the mountain to a molehill, i found the cutest baskets at TjMaxx. i can actually find my lunchbox when i need it!

2 // Closet Cleanout

who doesn’t have that dress from 2015 that you swore you would wear again, but it’s basically just a dust-bunny collector? *guilty as charged*

in an attempt to make room for new Christmas gifted clothes, a cold day made to be a perfect time to clear out my stuffed closet. i’m typically an optimistic person, (hoarder of clothes, so T says), so i had to give myself two rules:

rule #1 // if you haven’t worn it in six months, chances are you won’t wear it in the next. see ya sucker! rule #2 // sister, that bbq stain isn’t coming out after three tries. take the loss and treat yourself to a little online shopping to replace. same thing goes for that precious sweater with the rip; you probably won’t have the time to fix it—out it goes!

3 // Rearrange + Redecorate 

so, it’s mid jan. and your Christmas decor is all packed away…is it just me, or does your space not feel super empty? quick fix: rearrange your furniture. place your couch somewhere you haven’t tried, or maybe move that piece of wall art across the room. if you can’t seem to find inspiration, check out @smpliving on insta!

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 2.03.23 PM

4 // Read a Book

i know, reading a book with a cup of coffee is probably already on your to-do list. on your next chilly  day at home, actually do it! as the new year kicks off, many of you are looking for a self-improvement read. you absolutely cannot go wrong with Karen Ehman’s “Keep it Shut“. talk about major reality check! get that Pike’s Place roast a-brewing and grab your fuzziest throw!

5 // Write a Letter

one of my favorite suggestions for a chilly day is to send fun mail. sounds so silly, but when was the last time you got the mail from the box and actually found something FUN? ask your closest friends for their address and send them a cute postcard. decorate the envelop with pretty lettering, grab a stamp, and sprint to the mailbox to send it out.


i hope all of your toesies stay warm this winter! comment your favorite chilly day suggestion below.


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