hi! welcome to my blog. before i start actually blogging, i’d love to give my viewers a look into who i am.

i’m so glad you found all.things.pretty.and.pink; i’m sure we’ll be besties!

for me, blogging has been a goal on that long list of “to-dos” we all have, for a few years. i love love love to write, and after my soon-to-be sis in law, Tyler, started her blogging journey with fitnessfashionfunn.wordpress.com, i finally jumped in.

my life is such a crazy whirlwind that i find myself often googling blog posts for quiet, me time, and i’m so excited to be putting my own pen to paper…i mean, fingers to keys hehehe. i hope that my background will help to understand where my words, thoughts, and feelings come from and how they affect me before i share with anyone else.

so, a little bit about me. my full name is brianna michelle frost, but my family and friends just call me b. i will be 21 whole years old in february 2018. i was born in a small, rural town of arkansas, and after graduating high school, i moved to memphis for college. #901forlife !! i am currently working on a dual biology and chemistry major and a minor in sociology. after medical school, i one day hope to become a pediatric surgeon.

in my free time, i give hugs and kisses to my (not so sweet) pup, baxley marie. in my other free time, i serve as the president of my sorority, Sigma Kappa,’s beta xi chapter at the UofM.

i love love love leadership and serving my peers through several other on-campus organizations. i see my leadership as a platform to serve and share about the faithfulness of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

in my other other free time, (hehehe, see what i meant by whirlwind?!) i am an emergency department scribe for Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare.

i hope this gives you all a look into who i am, and i cannot wait to share my highs and lows of life with each of you!


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